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Lowercase Only. Mobile Optimized. Old English. Patterned Font. Uppercase Only. Variable Width. Web Font. Wild West. Sort By: Found in: Serif , Celtic. Decorative , Celtic. Anglo-Saxon Caps. AnglosaxOblique by Manfred Klein. Calligraphy , Medieval , Celtic. Aon Cari Celtic. Calligraphy , Celtic.

BD Renaissance. And these uncial fonts by Cari Buziak: Has Knots a program for making Celtic knots , and three decorative fonts as well. Dick Pape based the following digitization on images and typefaces published by Freeform Letterlike Designs: Celtic Designs A, B , Leipzig-based creator of the early transitional Gaelic typeface Ballhorn also called Leipzig, , based on Watts. Author of Alphabete orientalischer und occidentalischer Sprachen F. Leipzig, Head of F. Brockhaus Printing in Leipzig, in he published "Grammatography. Designer of Manuscript Caps , uncial or Celtic caps.

Great free fonts made by Brian Powers Furdzville: Gaelic printing in Scotland and Man uses normal Latin letters. However, there are specific diacritics, and the same is true of Ireland. The required diacritic letters are acute-accented and grave-accented vowels a,e,i,o,u in both upper and lower case, and, for Manx Gaelic, c-cedilla in both upper and lower case. The requirements for letters should not be confused with gaelic script , which refers more to a special shapescharacters that are different include d, g, t, i dotless , j dotless , r, s and ampersand. Celtic fonts Tuamach and Gaelach.

Archive with Tuamach, Gaelach and Vincent Morley's fonts. History and Classification [Michael Everson]. Detailed historical listing of Gaelic typefaces by Michael Everson. He says that it is not always easy to classify Gaelic typefaces. His classification proposal: First order classification Gaelic fonts have Insular letterforms: Pseudo-Gaelic fonts may be identical to Gaelic ones in other respects, but are inauthentic in that they have Carolingian letterforms: May have a tall f or a two-stroke vertical b and d. May have a dotted i this is a cardinal sin. Roman fonts use unmodified Roman forms, but have dots above and acute accents required for Irish Gaelic.

If dotted i is used, its dot and the dot of lenition must be harmonized with regard to height. Hybrid fonts use both Roman letterforms and Gaelic letterforms. The earliest typefaces mix special Gaelic glyphs with existing Roman ones. A few typefaces give Roman capital letters with Gaelic small letters; even if the strokes of the capital letters are "gaelicized", if they are not strictly speaking Gaelic, Hybrid is used to classify the face.

Second order classification Manuscript fonts are generally spiky or angular; often irregular. Transitional fonts are designs intermediate between typefaces that reproduce calligraphic manuscript hands and rectified, regularized typographical typefaces. Modern fonts are regularized typographically. Third order classification Angular fonts have the inverted-v type a, though sometimes this contrasts with round-humped h, m, n. Round fonts have the script type a. Uncial fonts give a strong suggestion of pen-based strokes.

Sometimes it is hard to tell the difference between Manuscript and Uncial but the latter is a "pre-Gaelic" class there are non-Insular Uncials Monowidth fonts are typewriter typefaces. Sans-serif fonts have no serifs. Grotesque fonts have no serifs. Creator of the gaelic script font Rudhraigheacht , available here. Rudhraigheacht Unicode has extra characters and was re-encoded in Unicode by Korvellou An Drouizig. GemFonts98 [Graham Meade]. Prolific Australian type designer who has made over free fonts to date.

Fontfreak link. Other fonts: View Graham Meade's typefaces.

Uppercase Characters

Gene Buban aka geneus1 is the creative and prolific designer at FontStruct in of these typefaces: Aerologica Altitudinus Arkham Bloodletters Slink is a tribute to Josef Albersone could also call it a piano key font. Codename Bauhaus Arc Brick 1: Bevelicious Bezziaiare Brikd is a fantastic headline face.

Calligraphique Candella ChequereBoard Christmas fonts: Kallosia Decorative , blackletter , Snowflakes Clone War Country Fried Western style Crossfyre Crystles He writes: In , Atari released the Crystal Castles video game.

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You play Bentley Bear walking around castles and collecting gems. Trimetric instead of isometric. Interestingly enough, the initials of the highest scorer in the leaderboard is used to build the first castle. This font version is created using the same thin plated tiles that the player traverses through the castles.

Celtic Garamond the 2nd

Decorata stylized art deco Didone fonts: Legality , sharply serifed , Petrissage Digibubble DeTrayne graffiti-clad trains , Happy Halloween Egalite Direktype Elektronika and Circularities Eurostijl Exersia, Excursia Ferno hell? Filmstryp Flameon is a vertically striped athletic lettering font. Fluoralei and Fluoralyte are all caps floral-themed typefaces.

Futuro and Futuro Extra Bold Futurity Watch Fragg Framestore G1 Construx An arched textured typeface for "under construction" signage. G1 Stenzilla A piano key stencil face. G1 Twyne Celtic knots , G12 Brayed Celtic knots , G1 Explo , G1 Fasttrax Gappy and Gappy LC Geolateral Glossierre Graffikki Hammerslab is a very thick heavy slab serif face. Happy Halloween Halloween dingbats. HellStruct HyperLynk Indiglo Interblok Cylindrome and Interblok Stroke IronManic , letters resemble armor steel plates with bolts IsoMatrix 3D , an Escher deception in 3D , Bevelluzian , 3d beveled checkerboard illusion.

Jaggs Karuso 68 Leefer is a kitchen tile font. Legere , a roman face. LegoManiax G1 Lovelines A multiline typeface with embedded hearts that won an award in the FontStruct competition on the the theme of love. Lucid Lush Alienne Caps Microboto Modulus and Modulus Black, ultra fat fonts. Motternal , a version of Othmar Motter's Motter Tektura. Mucro Bold, a heavy metal band font Multiverse Diagonality Nontroppo Outlier Paradoxx Periculum Predatoric ad Predatoric2 Prikkle Ray Type Alpha A game font based on Konami's game Scramble.

Renovare S1 and Renovare S2 Requiemme Decorum Sept. Exactly one year ago two of my cousins, Chris and Cleofe, got into a dealer-loaned Lexus for a trip after their main car was being repaired. Cleofe's husband, a CHP officer, was driving and their teen daughter was along for the ride.

While on the freeway, the accelerator became stuck and they lost control of the car. As the runaway vehicle sped up to over mph, all four passengers were killed in a fiery crash in the San Diego River. The loss was unquantifiably devastating. This immensely tragic event led my aunt to testify before congress with damning evidence that would initiate the recall of millions of Toyota vehicles.

Requiemme Decorum was created on the way down to southern California for the funeral services. For Chris, Cleofe, Mark, and Mahala, may you all rest in peace and love. Roboscript Rubrix Sanserity Scipio Scribble Not is a texture face. Sequencia Sharp-serifed almost modern typefaces: Legality, Petrissage, Effleurage, Karuso Sinaloco Sirkles Sonorous Broadway-style art deco typeface.

Spartan Tech Stanley Twobrick pointy minimalist face Startrek typefaces: Transformicon Stencilline Streamlyne , squarish, outlined. Structurocca and Structurozza Horizontally stencilled black typefaces. Swizelle A lava lamp typeface. Tangience and Tangience Solid are fonts in which the glyphs are built up from circles glued together.

Tetrisyde The Pax Man Trelief and Trelief Rounded Tubric Upriteous and Upriteous Black, condensed protestant fonts. Victoriana Victorian caps Vindicta Dualine Blackboard bold. Weaver Celtic knot-themed letters Xerro Yeomamuh, a fat look face. Wypeout Zorea , inline font. Los Angeles-based creator of the very cleverly and beautifully executed futuristic uncial typeface if you can picture such a beast! Saoirse Smalls A partial list with PDFs of the patents: Dublin-based creator of the Gaelic uncial round typefaces Petrie A also called Irish Archaeological Society 1 and 3 , ca.

Petrie made the Gaelic modern angular typeface Newman or: Keating Society around Brendan Leen explains: The artist and antiquary George Petrie occupies a central position in the history of Irish character typography in the nineteenth century. In , Petrie purchased a holograph copy of the Annals of the Four Masters and, shortly afterward, commenced the design and production of an Irish type suitable for the printing of the Annals. An artist of contemporary renown, Petrie possessed a sound knowledge not only of the aesthetics, but also of the mechanics and technology of print production.

A typeface that owed more to the minuscule calligraphic tradition was prepared specifically for the Catholic University of Ireland, also by George Petrie. In order to avoid confusion with the earlier, half-uncial Petrie designs is generally referred to as the Newman type. Rune archive. GBL edizioni is his company. Graham Meade [GemFonts98].

G-Type [Nick Cooke]. He founded G-Type in Nick started as a lettering artist in London in crafting type by hand for book jackets. Accent Graphic , a Peignotian fashion mag sans. Amulet , a Celtic look face. Avocet ITC Dartangnon A hand-printed script probably named after Dartagnan. Digitalis Geetype an upright script inspired by cigarette pack lettering by the great A.

Gizmo a beautiful chaotic brush handwriting face. Morpeth , a sturdy sans family. Nubian sans family. Olicana , a nice casual connected script face , Olicana Rough, Olicana Smooth [note: Eben Sorkin writes The primary reason it was so powerfully and instantly popular was the font's voice, a personality both complicated and unique. On the one hand it has a casual and authentic sense of vivacity and fun. On the other hand this expressiveness is intermittent; it continuously but gently teases the eye. Organon Sans and Organon Serif These families are lapidarythey have tapered stems. FF Penguin Precious Sans , Precious Serif In , he followed that up with Precious Sans Two.

Remora Sans An extensive humanist sans serif consisting of the effervescent Remora Sans and its business partner Remora Corp. Both styles include five individual width sets ranging from the condensed W1 to the extra-wide W5.

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  8. Rollerscript A connected informal script with enough bells and whistles to evoke true handwriting. Sovereign Display View all typefaces by Nick Cooke G-Type. View Nick Cooke's typefaces. Created of the free Celtic runic typeface Standard Celtic Rune A monospaced modern angular Gaelic font created ca. Hans van Maanen. Dutch science journalist who has published extensively in the Volkskrant. He is also into fine arts and illustration, and has even designed a few fonts. MyFonts page. His first production was Lexington and Lexington Handtooled , a revival and major expansion of a Ludwig Wagner Schriftgiesserei typeface called Titanic.

    A typical art deco signage typeface which can be bought at Canada Type , and is characterized by its rabbit-eared k, l, b, d and h. As explained by Canada Type: The story of Serena is a unique one among revivals. Serena was neither a metal typeface nor a film one. In fact it never went anywhere beyond Stefan Schlesinger's initial sketches which he called Saranna.

    Celtic Garamond The 2nd Font - Free Fonts

    A year later, while working with Dick Dooijes on the Rondo typeface, Schlesinger was sent to a concentration camp where he died, along with any material prospects for the gorgeous letters he'd drawn. The only sketches left of Schlesinger's Saranna work are found in the archives of the Drukkerij Trio the owner of which was Schlesinger's brother-in-law. The sketches were done in pencil and ink over pencil on four sheets of paper. And now Hans van Maanen revives Schlesinger's spirit as closely as the drawings permit.

    Followed in by Dutch Mediaeval Book ST done together with Patrick Griffin , which was engineered specifically for science writing. Freco , Canada Type: Adams , Canada Type is a revival and major expansion of Dolf Overbeek's Studio typeface and Flambard, its bold counterpart, originally published by the Amsterdam Type Foundry in and , respectively.

    A brush typeface originally designed by expert ad artist Herbert Thannhaeuser for East German foundry Typoart in Revived by Van Maanen at Canada Type in Roos Archie Agent , Canada Type is another revival of work by Martin Meijer. Aragon , Canada Type: Advertised as a workhorse Dutch Garamond family. Includes an open style called Aragon Initials. Zilvertype A glyph typeface revival published by Canada Type: Right on the heels of the tremendous popularity wave that made Hollandse Mediaeval the most used Dutch typeface during the Great War years, Sjoerd H.

    So between and , de Roos and van Royen collaborated on the typeface eventually known as Zilvertype, and which both parties viewed as an improved version of Hollandse Mediaeveal. Like Hollandse Mediaeval, Zilvertype was based on the Jenson model, but it is simpler, with more traditional metrics, and lighter and more classic in colour. Followed in by the expanded Zilvertype Pro. Minuet revives Schlesinger's Rondo. Grippo A layered font in six styles, with a general art deco look. Gaulois Based on Scribe , Marcel Jacno , an art deco era signage and advertising script.

    Aragon ST , with Patrick Griffin. Related to Garamond, this family was designed for science writing, thanks to the incorporation of SciType. SciType is a flexible combination of oft-ignored letterforms and innovative OpenType programming that can be incoporated into existing text fonts in order for them to function seamlessly when including common science formulas and equations in regular text. In , Hans cooperated with Patrick Griffin on the sturdy small text typeface Leo. Basilio Harry C.

    Pears [Typeface Research Pty Ltd]. FontStructor who made Celtic Knots Medellin, Colombia-based designer of the decorative Celtic caps typeface Alfabeto Celtico Type designer who is credited with Feinen , Compugraphic , a Celtic look font in four styles. On Usenet , someone wrote this: I first encountered Feinen in in a Compugraphic type book. I believe it was designed by Henry Mikiewicz. As far as I know, only Compugraphic offered it until Opti Castcraft did their version and named it Furst.

    I believe that Feinen was offered in three weights plus an inline version. I don't know if it was ever released as a PostScript font. I can find only two weights of the Opti Castcraft version. Box Barrington, NH , so that could well be the designer of Feinen. Herman Miller made several typefaces for Kolagian languages runes: Livagian has a reasonable character set.

    FTP source. Direct link. Older alternate URL. Designers of Celtic style typefaces: Some fonts are here. Partial list of historical metal Gaelic fonts: Queen Elizabeth, Louvain, Watts, Newman; and of half-uncial type: Petrie, Colmcille.

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    Defunct typefoundry that had free original dingbats , alphadings and fonts, mostly from scanned art by Merethe Liljedahl House of Lime in Landskrona, Sweden. The font list: Designer Menues commercial dings, In , these commercial dings: Scrapping Corners, Scrappers Fills. Direct access to the dingbats. Direct access to fonts. He is a prolific type designer who specializes in techno and sci-fi typefaces. Fontsy link. His fonts in alphabetical order: QTs Sable Lion , Sagan , futuristic , Samurai Terrapin Dallas , Usuzi. Yahren, Yamagachi , Yama Moto Identikal Foundry [Nick and Adam Hayes].

    Some pixel font families, and many futuristic designs. Fontworks site. Klingspor link for Adam Hayes. Klingspor link for Nick Hayes. View Identikal's typefaces. Irish accessories, including enhanced font sets for the Mac. Its alphabet of 18 letters is Aibghitir, Aibidil, Aibchitir or Abchitir. Older alphabets had the letters in a different order, and those were called Beith-Luis-Nion for b l n , Bobeloth for b l and Bobelloth. A Celtic font archive 13 fonts.

    Ivan A. The package by Ivan A. Derzhanski was developed in and is based on James Evans' syllabic script. Dublin-based creator of the Gaelic early transitional angular typeface Christie This sample is from The Proverbs of Solomon. Brendan Leen writes: In , the founder James Christie designed an Irish character type that represented the most legible fount to date.

    The Christie type also managed to retain the calligraphic qualities of the authentic Irish style. The type required meticulous care in the application of ink on account of its boldness and extreme contrasts of weights. Fontspace link for Clan Maclarens. James Stone [Subversive Type was: Meztone Design ]. This book explains the Irish alphabet, but has little in terms of typographic information. During her studies at Humber College in Toronto, Jenita Arevin created Modern Gaelic with a lower case t straight from a cemetery vampire movie.

    Celtic font archive: Most of these fonts are from the Swfte collection, John Day. One of the first English type founders, Designer of Anglo-Saxon , a Gaelic typeface. Designer from Dublin? Everson says that the roman glyphs are by Pierre Haultin but he gives no date for that. Dublin-based creator of the roman aspirated Gaelic typeface Furlong Tattoo artist in Florida, b.

    Celtic Garamond the 2nd font

    He posted 21 free fonts in at Dafont all at once. Many of these have calligraphic or Celtic influences. There are of course several blackletter and illuminated caps typefaces, as one would expect in a tattoo parlor. The fonts were all made in John the Teuton John of Wildeshausen was born about Everson credits him with the Gaelic angular manuscript typeface Rome. The exact connection is still unclear. Designer b. Designer of the metafont Cun runes, cuneiform.

    British typefounder, Moxon manufactured an angular Gaelic typeface , Moxon ca. By downloading fonts from our site or using them you agree you have read and understood that the font or dingbat copyrights belongs to the designer of the related product. In cases where there are no copyright notices, you need to assume that the font is copyrighted. We do not take any responsibility and we are not liable for any damage caused through use of the fonts, be it indirect, incidental or consequential damages including but not limited to damages for loss of business, loss of profits, interruption or similar.

    To our knowledge, all fonts available on this site are free for distribution. Should you encounter a font that isn't, please contact us so that it can be immediately deleted. Army Stencil. Celtic Irish. Chalk Crayon. Comic Cartoon. Distorted Eroded. Fixed Width. Greek Roman. Ice Snow. Initial Caps. Movies TV. Old English. Old School.