Rooting samsung galaxy note 2 on mac

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Join Date: Jul Dec My Devices: Junior Member. Aug Isnt this what heimdall is for? May Anyone figure this out yet? Just picked up my SGN2 today but only have my macbook pro traveling with me. Does this give a triagle and does it increase the firmware burn count? Also is there triangle away for this? Hey Max, I tried the above method to root. Any idea to what i can do for this.

It worked flawlessly. I just need to know one more thing will this break OTA updates? Actually I gave it a shot now. Is this going to give any problem? I run the stuff in terminal and everything is good. As soon as root is success get in to recovery mode before phone reboots as fast as you can. Hope this helps. I had this same problem. USB cable being for charging not for communication. Switch the cable and you should find problem resolves.

Please help! Sorry for not reading ahead… Noob move. I pulled out the battery right after heimdall was a success pulled out the battery actually right as it was trying to reboot. It worked like a charm. Thanks for your awesome site Max! Hey Max another thing. Triangle away freezes on my Note2. Any idea as to how i can do anything about it?

No such file or directory. Hey Max, Can you give a little heads up on going back to stock? I was unable to install either package.

How to Root Samsung Galaxy Note 2 on Mac

Has the recent Jelly Bean update prevented either of the above versions from working? Your help would be greatly appreciated so I can properly root the device. Thanks a million!!! I left my emailadres and I really hope somebody can help me out! It was a big step leaving apple phones and i am totally in love with android now…i just want the last piece of the puzzle to fit me aswell!

I have done the heimdall several times, and now i pulled the battery out after doing it and the cwm menu looks totally different than before… and it worked hahaha. Worked after a few hiccups.. Tried these commands sudo kextunload -b com. I had the same issues as above and tried to pull the battery a couple of times after the heimdall installation asap but with no luck.

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I googled around a little bit and for some reason I downloaded GooManager from the play store and had it reboot to recovery and there I was, prompted with CMW. So if all else fails try it out! Ok, got it done!! The USB will power the device. Then pressing the command for heimdall upload, and it will begin the upload process. This process requires battery power but you have already removed the battery and the phone switches…..

Then put the battery back in and immediately press volume UP, centre button and power button until you see the restart of Galaxy Note 2 and let it boot into CWM mode. Sorted mate!!! Choose the rooting file from the external SD card and reboot. Good luck! And it keeps going as long as i press the buttons.

I love the GN2 but i remember having rooted my GS3 in 5 minutes …. I have been redoing now my phone is going crazy with flashing lights and note 2 writing all over the screen as well. Hi, I did every thing exactly but instead of going into cmw it opens a page saying downloading don not turn off target it looks like the odin mode with out the writings on top. I dont know what i did wrong.. Please help me. Went back to downloadandroidrom. I got the same broken one. Can u upload yours? Thanks man! Initialising connection… Detecting device… Claiming interface… Setting up interface…. Checking if protocol is initialised… Protocol is not initialised.

Failed to initialise protocol! Now in Step 5 I get from sudo heimdall this: Claiming interface failed! First time I got this error: Initialising protocol… Handshaking with Loke…. Then I tried typing the few lines as instructed above. Then I got this: Failed to receive response! Keep getting this error message Initialising connection… Detecting device… Claiming interface… Setting up interface…. Getting this following: Initialising connection… Detecting device… Failed to detect compatible download-mode device.

It only boots into standard android recovery mode. I am seriously stuck here, any help would be really appreciated. Whenever I paste the sudo command lines after the interface failed all i get is:. Permission denied sudo: Any Suggestions? Thanx for the video and the detailed instructions!

Do you have any ideas or will you have instructions for SGH-T? Failed to confirm end of file transfer sequence! Ending session…. Verified to work on the following Galaxy Note Awesome thanks. Please verify that your ROM is rooted, and try again. After I finished all the steps and got to the CWM Recover and click download zip from sd card i cant seem to find the file, it says no file.

What do i do, i am a first time android and rooter. No luck… Tried removing the battery, tried goo manager… Nothing works wont reboot in CW…. Heimdall successful. Now that I upgraded the firmware, I tried to root again using this method. I am not sure what to do next. I went through all the comments above, and removing battery at the precise times etc, I tried my best not sure I did it exactly or not , but always goes back to the same place. Hi, thanks for your excellent work. Should I repeat all the rooting process in the case that the updated device be unrooted? Anyway, once more thanks.

I hope this helps GT-N owners to root their devices. Confused with your comment. This should flash the recovery. I have tried installing the SU v 0. Hey Max thak you for the Videotutorial, may be you can give me a tip how 2 flash a seperate bootloader via heimdall. I want 2 flash a new rom but unfortunately this rom has a seperate bootloader 2 flash after installing the rom via odin. I have done everything, Heimdall successful.

What to do??? Was wondering if you got his issue sorted? Would be great to hear from you if you have the solution. Any solutions yet? Sorry this tutorial is really old, I would update it but I converted my Hackintosh into a mining rig. You just have to find the correct version of CWM tar file for your model of Note 2. Max must be too busy to answer. The general consensus is that if you have 4. If you still had 4. Good news though. I cut a boot camp partition on my mac and threw down an old copy of xp and did maxs windows root method easy as pie.

I rooted just fine using 4. BUT I did use the. Try that, and let us know if that works. No such file or directory computer: Heimdall v1. If you appreciate this software and you would like to support future development please consider donating: SamsungComposite kernel Kext com. SamsungComposite not found for unload request. Failed to unload com. SamsungACMData not found for unload request. SamsungACMControl not found for unload request. Actually, you are supposed to flash. If you can only get into stock Android recovery and not cwm recovery there is little point in trying to flash any of the.

Jeez man. You will need to use windows. Any chance I could get a new link to get the file? Any help is appreciated, guys. If anyone has the zip and just wants to shoot it to me in an email that would be best. Thank you! Thank you. Please use this command instated: This worked for me but you have to catch the phone before it reboots because it will reflash the stock recovery. When i say catch it, I mean as it reboots, before the Opening Galaxy Note 2 screen goes off, you must hit the Volume up, Center, and Power button. I only held the power button for a brief second.

After that, it booted into recovery fine. Good luck. I am able to get to cwm recovery, however, when I try to install from sd, it tells me no file exists. Failed to detect compatible download-mode device. The comment says above, this will only work for a gt-n version. So, should I root my Note 2 via the PC running on my Mac, or would I be better off doing it directly on my Mac using the directions for the Mac that you put out?

Just to be sure, you are saying that I can use the windows method running on my mac via VMware or the direct mac version, is that right? Ken, it wont delete anything in your phone. I have no problem with voiding the warranty. My Note 2 says Downloading… do not turn off target!!

Rooting with a Mac?

I have installed and unzipped the galaxynote2rootmaclinux that was given in the instructions restarted computer. Any help would be appreciated. However it will not boot into clockworkmod when hold up center and power. Then the options that come stock with the phone reboot, factory reset etc….. Everything booted to my phone with ease when in terminal. By the way, I finally gave up waiting for a response, held my breath and disconnected my Note 2 and it restarted just fine.

So, I opened VMware with my XP running and followed your other tutorial on rooting via a pc and it worked perfectly the first time. Is there any way to connect directly to my Note 2 from my mac to upload files directly? I tried android file transfer.

Part 2: How to Root Samsung Galaxy Note 2 with dr.fone – Android Root

Also do you have a further tutorial on what to do once the phone is rooted? How to install other cool stuff, make nandroid back ups etc? It starts off installing and then stops while in process and generates the error. Any ideas?

The Easiest & Safest Way To ROOT Any Android Phone (2019)

I seem to be stuck. All help appreciated. After days of trying, I took a week off from it. Tonight, I started it again. I finally found where the problem was. It worked. I preformed your way to root with succes but later unrooted my note 2 again. I never bought such an expensive phone before and this result after 7 months is SO dissapointing……please help! Hey max.. Whats up man, my phone will not root, tried every steps about 10 times and still nothing. Please HELP. If you get into CMW mode but see no install file in the sdcard folder, do a normal boot on the device. Once it has booted up, look for an app in the app screen called My Files.

From here you can move the cwm file from one sd to the right one.

After the switch, power off the phone and reboot into CMW mode. You should now see the file. Just throw a copy of windows on boot camp, even an old copy of XP and root away. Everything has worked perfectly up until this point. Guys HELP! Failed to send file part packet! Failed to receive session end confirmation! Everything works for me up until Step I choose it, it says Finding update package… Opening update package… Verifying update package.. Someone else in the comments said to pull the battery once the phone starts rebooting after doing the terminal stuff, then put it into recovery mode.

This works and it goes into CWM Recovery. If you let the phone reboot completely then turn it off and put it into recovery mode it goes into the standard Android Recovery mode, which gives the problem I first posted about.

Full Guide on How to Root Samsung Galaxy Note 2-

It say on top Android system recovery list: Sometimes the system may overwrite the CWM recovery you just flashed on reboot. To get around this issue, simply reflash using heimdall, then pull the battery quickly as soon as heimall is done, put battery back in and use the buttons to get into CWM. What a hiccup! Hi Max, 1 Went through the steps as you have described for mac, forgot to full the battery.

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  • Screen just flashes and tweaks out after the Note II screen. Could you let me know how to fix this? I can boot the phone fully and use it, which is good… BTW your S3 tutorial was great. Let me know if there is anyway around the issue described above. Let me know if you or anyone else who reads this has this figured out!! But there is no method for it. If you know the answer please help me. Hy to all! A tutorial link? Thanks By. MEGA inconsistencies in video as opposed to the text below the tutorial. After spending two days on this… I never made it to the third step.

    I tried every variation that I could think of to make it work. File or folder not found every single time. I got all the way to the line with heimdall in it and hit Return and nothing happened… It just stayed like that for like a half hour. Also maybe I should remove that second SuperSU on the phone internal storage… maybe that has something to do with it. Maybe having more than one copy of SuperSU on the phone is confusing matters. Wish me luck! Is this true? Should I remove it somehow in order not to encounter any problems?

    Did I change anything important up to this step of the tutorial? Hello i get to step five and hit enter with heimdall flash —recovery recovery. I tried this so many times and kept failing. The solution is to download TWRP and flash that. Can I use this method on Note 2 N? Because you said this method is only for N and there is not any other tutorials on your website teaching how to Root Note 2 N on mac.

    What could be wrong? Once you are done installing CWM or others, remove the battery for 5 minutes. It worked for me and finally I installed 4. Anand P Vijayan, 2 months ago in reply to Alex Seymour. Hi, Thanks for the tutorials. I have two questions. Is this only for the N? This tutorial was extremely helpful! Can I use these same steps, or are there different files I need to use? Any help will be greatly appreciated!

    Anyone know how or a place with instructions? Hey Max, First off great video, I give thanks to you for paving the way for me with rooting. I did the steps above 3 times. Each and every time it downloaded to my phone and then rebooted the phone. Any ideas or suggestions for this situation. Thanks in advance if you do. So I get errors whenever I get to step 5 so I do the step 6… This is what i get when i do step 6…. Help anyone? Unexpected device info response! Galaxy Note 2 Root! Your email address will not be published.

    Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds. Galaxy Note 2 Root Step 1. First, browse to the following URL and download the file on your Note 2: Pasael says: October 5, at 7: Max Lee says: October 7, at 3: Javier G. March 5, at 3: Nott Tippayasanti says: October 5, at 9: October 7, at 5: October 7, at 6: Alexandra says: October 28, at 6: Antonio says: December 9, at 8: Cory says: March 4, at 6: March 12, at Kyle says: August 10, at 3: October 7, at 7: Shyam says: October 8, at 6: October 9, at 4: October 9, at 6: Stranger says: March 13, at 5: August 10, at October 10, at 8: October 10, at 1: Oskar says: October 10, at 2: Percy says: October 10, at 3: Welz says: October 11, at 3: October 11, at 5: October 11, at 6: October 11, at Kandarp says: October 12, at 3: Julian says: May 22, at 2: David says: August 30, at 6: Timothy says: August 10, at 6: March 24, at 2: Theo says: August 11, at 7: Charles Chambers says: November 17, at October 10, at 6: October 11, at 9: Tibet says: October 16, at 7: