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Linotype Library GmbH. Download Linotype FontExplorer X. Thank you for rating the program! Please add a comment explaining the reasoning behind your vote. Notify me of replies from other users. Subscribe to comments: Latest update: Feb 01, Related software. Seems this tool was built to sell their Fonts as it lacks so many helpful features. Really powerful search features. This review was originally posted on VersionTracker. In my review of the previous version I said I was going to try out the other font management programs, and that I did.

Each had its strong areas and each gave me headaches as well. In the end I decided to just go back to FEX, partially because I didn't want to invest in a new program, but mostly since upgrading to Snow Leopard fixed some big crashing problems I was having with FEX. I haven't used 2. New features: One of my chief complaints with FEX before was the lack of printing. You can save these templates as well. Seriously blows away the competition in printing options now. uses cookies.

Thank you! Also missing was a classification feature that the others had. Now FEX has it, and you can make your own categories. In fact, there are three areas: Usages Comic, Newspaper, etc. You can't remove the choices FEX comes with, but you can add and delete your own custom ones. There's also an auto-classifying feature, but that appears not to be working properly at the moment it uses an online database of Linotype's.

Of course the classification info can be viewed in a column in the main font window and can be used to make smart sets. The third big addition is the transparent window. It's not a relatively inconspicuous small window you can move anywhere on the screen like Suitcase's, but it could still be helpful. Not only can you make the font preview background invisible to show a window underneath, but you can make the detailed preview transparent as well, so you can see what large quantities of text any text you like, with custom tracking, etc.

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Being a graphic designer, having some sort of font management tool is a must for me. I started using FEX back in the free days, and bought it when it went Pro, mainly because I didn't want to start over from scratch, and because I wanted to thank the developers for keeping it free for so long. I was expecting that the program would then grow and get better. I was wrong. I'm stubborn, so I just relaunch and keep trying until I wipe them out. Other issues: I've also run into some problems using the InDesign plug-in, which I just leave off now.

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On the plus side, auto-activation is nice aside from InDesign issues , it's easy to browse through a preview of all your fonts, and you can view all the font characters and font information. I've tried so hard to like this for so long, but I'm thinking it will be time to try out other options soon. I have installed FontExplorer X Pro on all of our 50 some production computers and it has been running great. No Licensing issues, and full support for CS4.

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After having several major issues with Suitcase, FontExplorer X Pro has been a much more effective program. The only thing that I wish it could have done is import our old font sets from Fusion.

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  4. I've been using the free FontExplorer since it was released on both PC and Mac and have been hugely impressed. The option to backup is going to be a lifesaver at some point, so I'm glad it's there. CS4 plug-ins are all working seemlessly as well. Having tinkered with Fusion2, this won out for speed although Fusion2 had some interesting features. All version 1. This new version has plugins for the latest Adobe CS4 and Quark apps.

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    So close to become awesome! FontBaseApp one more time - you are great! Works on Mac or Linux too! Amazing piece of work. No-fuss, fast UI, can handle hundreds of fonts. Just the right features!

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    A set of amazing features FontBase is build for designers, by designers. People love FontBase We love our community and it loves us back! Nekka nekkatjie. Loris Stavrinides lstavrinides. Felipe Glauber FelipeGlauber. Smashing Magazine smashingmag. Dima Shishkov ShishkovDima.