Mac os x kqueue example

The purpose of this document is to introduce the programmer to the methodology of kqueue, rather than providing a full and exhaustive documentation of its capabilities.

Mac OS X Manual Page For kqueue(2)

It was designed to be scalable, flexible, reliable and correct. The ident might be a descriptor file, socket, stream , a process ID or a signal number, depending on what we want to monitor. The filter identifies the kernel filter used to process the respective event. After having designed a kevent, we should decide whether we want to have it added to our kqueue.

Scheduling Timers

Combinations may be made by OR'ing the desired values. After the user retrieves the event from the kqueue, delete it. Reversely, if we would like to check whether a flag is set in a kevent, we would do it by AND'ing with the respective value. For instance:.

For the time being we won't elaborate on the rest of the kevent members; instead let's have a look at the case when we need to monitor a socket for any pending data for reading:. The kqueue holds all the events we are interested in. Therefore, to begin with, we must create a new kqueue. We do so with the following code:.

An example of kqueue

At this point the kqueue is empty. In order to populate it with a set of events, we use the kevent 2 function.

This system call takes the array of events we constructed before and does not return until at least one event is received or when an associated timeout is exhausted. The function returns the number of changes received and stores information about them in another array of struct kevent elements.

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I'm using macOS and looking for a way to get notification on every new socket and check it's info ip, port, direction, etc I wonder if kqueue provide this information I only care about sockets, not files, directories, pipes etc.. So far I thought it's possible but in your example you wrote "Socket is automatically removed from the kq by the kernel".. Skip to content.

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