2012 mac pro vs 2013 imac

Between and now, Intel has introduced four new CPU architectures. Some of those were more important than others, but the commonality they share is a focus on low-power chips and integrated graphics performance. As much as these improvements helped make systems like the Retina MacBook and MacBook Pros possible, the chips in high-end iMacs improved only gradually. The scores below were collected from a variety of sources.

We had the and iMacs on hand to test ourselves, but the recent update to our benchmark suite meant that we had to look elsewhere to gather some of the other figures. Check the table below for model numbers, clock speeds, and architectures.

But still, Intel has managed to do this without increasing power consumption or changing the thermal design of the post iMac. As you can see from both the charts and the table, iMacs rely on brand-new GPU architectures to post big performance improvements. Oct 13, 4: Oct 13, 6: The Hatter's advice is all solid. If you're excited about raw power, the Mac Pros are where you'll end up.

I had some friends bring over a new quad-core i5 iMac a couple of months ago and I was unimpressed. It was pretty. All will benefit from a SSD system drive. The more cores, the more bandwidth All can handle 4 hard drives and the SSD without a problem.

Mini-review: How much faster have high-end iMacs gotten in the last 5 years?

I added a USB 3. Three things will always be true: Oct 16, 2: I have the MacPro 3. It is indeed a sweet machine. I use it for video editing. For your needs, probably a 27" iMac with a Fusion drive would suffice. Oct 29, Have you looked at benchmarks?

Still Waiting on a New Mac Pro? iMac Beats Mac Pro in DaVinci Resolve and Premiere

In single-processor tasks, the 27" iMac i5 will significantly outperform the 6-core Mac Pro. Nothing in your intended usage does any heavy multiprocessing. Its graphics will be faster, too. So, the iMac seems like the better choice unless you want the expandability and internal drive bays of the Mac Pro Oct 29, 2: Mac Pro "Six Core" 3. Oct 29, 4: I think I said "single processor". You are providing multiprocessor-intensive geekbench scores.

Single-processor geekbench scores show the imac much faster than the pro. As I said, the tasks specified by the OP are not multiprocessor intensive, so will reflect the single processor scores more than the multiprocessor scores. For video work, graphics, scientific calculation, photo editing, the six-core will sometimes be faster.

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But for browsers, word processing, PowerPoint, etc. Oct 29, 5: Whether an app is multi-core efficient or single threaded is another story.

12 core Mac Pro 2012 or Imac 2015? need help

That is like comparing single-cylinder performance in automotive engines; it's interesting but has no relevance in the real world. Which Apple computer were you thinking of? Even an iPad has multiple cores. The operative word here is "intensive. There are some single clock instructions that may execute a bit faster based on the clock rate.

It’s a nice upgrade as long as you’re using something that’s a few years old.

This was the basis of the old notion that a Pentium 4 was actually faster than G5. Email required. Leave this field empty. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. My only concern is having bought a TB display and it not working. Plus how long will upgrades be compatible with my early for OS? I hate using my MBP to edit work on. Apple need to take note. I now have a Mac Pro that is much faster and far more upgrade-able and I had change when selling my macbook.

Will the upgrade to followed by the further upgrade be worth any savings from purchasing a new fully loaded iMac. You can upgrade the video card in a Mac Pro which would provide a boost to the GPU here is a list of compatibile video card upgrades for the Mac Pro. Currently any Mac Pro video cards will not support a thunderbolt monitor as thunderbolt monitors only work with Macs that have a Thunderbolt port. Given the choice, would rather have the PCIe slots vs. If I may weigh in here: The and later versions have PCIe 2.

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Additionally the model uses MHz memory which is slower and more expensive that the MHz or MHz modules available for the and later models.