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Apple's own marketing materials refer to the new mini as "part racehorse, all workhorse," and though they didn't go as far as branding this the "Mac Mini Pro" Apple is clearly positioning it as a high-performance computer. This makes the lack of a reasonable GPU all the more confounding. These types of GPU-driven number crunching are increasingly useful for scientific computing and data analysis tasks like encryption, image recognition, optimization and machine learning. For music producers and people writing apps in Xcode, maybe the new Mini makes sense, but I don't imagine most other "pro" users will be happy with this level of performance.

Price and availability

I can't help but shake my head at Apple's charts and graphics showing off how much faster the new Mini is than the model. Four years later, I'd certainly hope the new model would be faster. Maybe this highlights the best professional use case for the new mini. A rendering machine that can handle CPU intensive tasks like compiling code and rendering graphics, but that you wouldn't actually want to do your daily work on.

For general consumers, the Mini seems to fill the role of the family computer in the living room; a small, reliable desktop that should feel speedy and take care of basic work. But with many people having laptops or tablets, how essential is that any more? If performance doesn't matter to you at all, then the new MacBook Air or even an entry-level MacBook Pro might be a better choice. All of those caveats aside, I actually like this machine. The design is terrific, and I love the options for add-ons and expandable storage, but I wouldn't want to have to work on it.

It's possible that there's a cohort of people out there who are looking for an inexpensive macOS desktop with a ton of useful ports, who don't care about GPU performance and have been waiting for the past four years for a new computer.

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For them, the Mac Mini is the perfect fit. Chris Schodt Script Editor: Terrence O'Brien Camera: Kyle Maack Editor: Chris Schodt. All products recommended by Engadget were selected by our editorial team, independent of our parent company, Verizon Media. If you buy something through one of our links, we may earn an affiliate commission. The Buyer's Guide. US Edition. Log in. Sign up. Show More Results. Buy Now. Linux gaming is on a life-support system called Steam.

Logitech resurrects its classic MX gaming mouse. Latest Reviews. See all articles. There's a lot to like about this in spite of a few flaws. How we score The Engadget Score is a unique ranking of products based on extensive independent research and analysis by our expert editorial and research teams. Image credit: Latest in Gear.

Engadget Score Poor. Mac Mini Cons Limited graphics performance and no meaningful way to improve it Upgrade options get expensive fast RAM isn't technically user upgradeable. Adobe's Creative Suite apps are known processor and memory hogs so whenever I run these tasks on my laptop I usually have to make sure other apps are closed.

Apple Mac mini review

I had a hunch the Mac mini could do all of these things separately and maybe two or three of these things at the same time, but not all of them simultaneously. So it took me by surprise to see my Mac mini — which isn't even the upgraded one with the faster processor equipped with two extra cores — capable of Turbo Boosting, chewing through Final Cut Pro X, Audacity, Photoshop, Lightroom, and Illustrator without so much as a spinning beachball.

Not to mention, I also had other non "creation" apps such as FaceTime for video chat during cross-country recording sessions , Messages, Mail, and Chrome with a dozen apps open. I'm not going to nerd over export times and how much faster an iMac or MacBook Pro with discrete graphics compares because you will see slower exporting and rendering times while video editing on the Mac mini.

Apple Mac Mini review (2018): A video editor’s perspective

But it's nothing unusual. It's by no means the fastest machine for video editing, but it's no stuttering slouch either. The apps you use will also dictate how much you can squeeze out of the hardware. However, if you use Adobe Premiere Rush, you'll find it to be zippier as well. I wasn't sure at first if the Mac mini would be able to crunch through so many things, but after using it, there's no doubt in my mind amateur creators will be able to get a lot of value from the Mac mini. Creatives who need even more performance should consider the more powerful six-core version or look at the iMac or MacBook Pro or even connecting an external "eGPU" to it.

The bottom line is: The Mac mini performed better than my somewhat high expectations. In many ways, the Mac mini is the mighty little Mac I wish I had in high school or college. Plus, it's even portable! There were a few days where I carried the Mac mini to and from work in my backpack. Think about that for a second: I carried a desktop in my backpack because it was more capable than any of my personal Macs. Good luck finding many non-custom PCs that are this small. Excellent as the Mac mini is for editing video, recording podcasts, and graphic design in Photoshop and Illustrator, one thing it completely fails at is gaming.

I tried playing Fortnite and at both Medium and High I'm not even asking for Epic graphics settings, and the game barely ran at frames per second, which is far below an acceptable 30 frames per second you'd get from a PC and worlds away from the 60 fps you'd expect to get from a high-end gaming PC. Emulators for playing legally owned ROMS will also work, but I'd hardly consider that desktop gaming.

Needless to say, if you're looking at the Mac mini thinking it could help you become the next PewDiePie you're going to be extremely disappointed.

Apple Mac mini () review: A welcome upgrade at an unwelcome price | Expert Reviews

It'll for sure help you create videos, but you'll have to look elsewhere to play and capture game footage. It's really too bad that the gaming situation hasn't improved on the Mac. It was terrible when the Mac mini was introduced in and it's still awful nearly 15 years later. The Mac mini is never going to be the most popular Mac.

Worth the wait?

Whether you're a designer, musician, coder, or whatever — the Mac mini can handle pretty much everything you need to do. Demanding professionals will always need more power and Apple has machines for them. But for most people, the Mac mini is a compact Swiss Army Knife desktop computer that's reasonably affordable. Of course, but the old machine was slower, less durable, and was low on storage and RAM. It didn't have as many fast ports.

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  8. The WiFi was sluggish. It didn't support things like Blackmagic's eGPU to pump up graphics performance. Every product here is independently selected by Mashable journalists. If you buy something featured, we may earn an affiliate commission which helps support our work. It also features plenty of ports around the back — including four Thunderbolt 3 ports to pick up any slack.

    So, was the Mac mini worth the wait?

    2018 Mac Mini Review: A video editor's perspective

    If you change any of the components, the price will also change, which gives you some flexibility when it comes to balancing power with budget. More interested in the Mac mini as a small PC? Fans of the compact, no-nonsense designs of previous Mac minis will be pleased to learn that the new Mac mini pretty much keeps that intact, with the same small, square-ish metal design that measures 7.

    Within the same dimensions, the Mac mini manages to have more powerful hardware than ever before, thanks to a redesigned thermal architecture that includes a bigger fan, expanded vents and an overhauled power supply. With just one HDMI port, you're going to have to either upgrade to a Thunderbolt 3 monitor or make do with an adapter if you want to plug in more than one monitor. Considering the Mac mini is built as a creator's tool, multiple monitors are often a must, so many people will have to buy extra accessories.

    The good news is that with Thunderbolt 3 you'll be able to run two 4K displays at once, and you'll still have two ports left over — maybe one for an external graphics card solution, which the Apple Mac mini supports.

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    As per usual, the keyboard and mouse aren't included, so there's another two accessory to factor in to the overall price. All these ports are kept at the back of the Mac mini for a clean look, which keeps wires from sprawling all over the place. And, considering the gap between Mac mini releases these days, that may be for the best. Cinebench CPU: