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Another important part on which the team is working for the next 5. The whole database code has been reviewed, polished, cleaned, and documented.

Building the Drivers Using Configure

The MySQL interface was written 5 years ago by a contributor who had left the team since then. This code was placed in quarantine due to the lack of support and bugs. But thanks to the new MySQL expert on the team, we are now able to restore, fix, and improve this functionality. New database features have been introduced and the database configuration panel has been re-written to ensure safety during database server configuration stage. Two Mysql servers are available:. Next summer, students will focus on working exclusively on database interface, to improve MySQL support in case of multi-accounts photo agency use case , or to introduce new database engine support like PostgreSQL for example.

For furher information, take a look into the list of files currently closed in KDE bugzilla.

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  2. digiKam 5.0.0-beta2 is released.
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All screenshots have been done with Linux Mageia Cauldron next release 6. Many congrats to the team for all the hard work done thus far! Is the dark style custom-made for digikam, or was it picked up from the default desktop style? It looks pretty nice. Glad to hear of the progress. Looking great and the "under the hood" stuff is nice.

I'll test on Mac El Cap when you have a version ready for that. Hi, could anyone tell me if the new release will work with Windows 8. Maybe some of the nice people that come here wondering about WIndows versions could be encouraged to test then? Perhaps by asking them in these posts..

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Currently there is no 5. Here are the Digikam links I found https: Thanks for this comprehensive update on the Digikam project. I'm glad lots of people are interested in it, and are collaborating, ensuring it is top-notch. But the happiest of the updates, for me, is the decoupling of many of the libs from kdelibs to qtlibs.

That, by itself, would mean that the non-Linux ports will become a reality soon. And it'll also make more non-KDE users happy. Without having to have the same absolute path to the collection: Excellent work as usual and I also am excited about being able to share a single database across multiple operating systems.

I also like the idea of PostgreSQL support: Being able to catalog photos on multiple computers is the key feature of Digikam for me that separates the application from the rest.

driver not loaded driver not loaded qt

Specifying an absolute path to the collection is a show stopper for letting windows clients connect because the absolute path is different. Either specifying a base path on each client or adding in a client name when connecting could resolve this. I am trying to connect to a MySQL database.. Windows 7.

Qt windows qmysql Driver not loaded - 程序园

We can't fix that for. Well, step1 is to check, that the the file libqsqlite. If not, find it in one of the release archives.

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  • It should point to the root of your qt installation. However compiling and trying to run the application from qt creator returns 'drivers not loaded' but currently running directly from the release directory loads the drivers, which used to fail before, but on placement of the postgresql dlls there, it starts to load, and now even without them it loads Most. Supported Databases.

    Qsqldatabase Qsqlite Driver Not Loaded

    The table below lists the drivers included with Qt. When a database is added see QSqlDatabase:: Mais pas moyen de le compiler ce que jai fait pour l'instant: Ajouter au path mysql C: Or the change from PyQt5 5. The database driver dlls are present in the. Script to show the problem and compare with. Hello, I'm trying to use mysql db instead of freeze Berkly DB for icegridregistry, but I'm getting an error while executing icegridregistry as you can see below. A, Windows because the Windows platform driver adding plug-in is relatively simple, from the Internet to find two methods, are recorded as follows.

    I think you must play with a qt. As I could see, sqlite3 is already included in the console-trdx-image, so it should. Driver not loaded Not only the Oracle driver but also standard open source edition drivers i.

    Драйвер QMYSQL не загружен, попробовал все подсказки

    I knew that I've compiled Oracle driver plugin correctly too.. After trying everything for hours, I've found that the solution is too easy. But finding it was not You should initialize QT. My concerns about the driver not being built were unfounded.. The MacPorts guy.

    It may be that your config. And I verified that config. What mystifies me is that the error included the line "QSqlDatabase: So it appears to be failing to even load the driver before it ever tries to connect to the db. I can run my grabber written in javascript on both the xu4 and my OSX machine and of course it interacts with the db so I understand that quite well too. That is why in my first post I showed the mysql libs, their locations and otool -L to show the plugin points to the right libmysqlclient.

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