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I need the path to pass to xcode-select --switch but it is totally non-obvious.

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Any ideas where Xcode is hiding? Output from Command-L after install: Jun 11 Install Jun 11 Installer Jun 11 MacBookPro5,2 2. Running OS Build: Mac OS X Opened from: Failed to open resource at path null Jun 11 InstallerStatusNotifications plugin loaded Jun 11 Administrator authorization granted.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to Riding a Mountain Lion

User picked Standard Install Jun 11 Choices selected for installation: It took 0. Set authorization level to root for session Jun 11 Will use PK session Jun 11 Starting installation: Configuring volume "Macintosh HD" Jun 11 Preparing disk for local booted install. Free space on "Macintosh HD": Starting Jun 11 Will do receipt-based obsoleting for package identifier com.

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Extracting file: Temporarily excluding: Running Install Scripts. Begin script: End script: Writing receipt for com. Running install actions Jun 11 You can get Xcode from the Mac App Store.

Xcode Command Line Tools

You can easily fix this by running this command in Terminal:. Apple does not ship the Command Line Tools with gcc Apple has already removed X11 support from their operating system, but you can still get the X11 package from XQuartz.

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Before performing any major upgrade, always make sure that you have the latest backup of your Mac. If you already have Time Machine set up, all you need to do is intiate another manual backup.

Install the Command Line Tools (without Xcode) on macOS Mojave - Build C, C++ programs

If you have been leading a carefree life and did not bother setting up Time Machine, or would like to make sure that you can come back to Lion if something is broken, I would suggest using Carbon Copy Cloner to clone your internal hard drive to an external one. Once the upgrade is done, I would still recommend you set up Time Machine. Happy coding! When installing Ruby 1.