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Your browser identified itself as a version of IE that was often shipped with default settings that were less than secure. Your internet experience could be made more secure by opening Internet Options in your browser, going to the Advanced tab and looking under the security settings for "Use TLS 1.

Ensure these are turned on checked.

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Doing so will enable your browser to support a higher quality of encryption on this and other websites. People who receive a signed file will know that it comes from you and is unchanged since you signed it. If you intend to use a recipient list at any point in the future, use the box to identify your digital certificate. If you have enabled encryption, you may encrypt with a passphrase, for a recipient list, or both.

You can also create archives of various types.

Unzipping Files on Mac OSX

You should choose to always allow. Encrypting a file encodes its contents so that the file cannot be read until it is decrypted. Decrypting removes the encryption and restores the file to its original form. Signing a file provides assurance that the file is really from you and has not been tampered with. Generally speaking, the easier an encryption standard is to use, the less secure it is. With SecureZIP you have a choice in what standard to use.

Traditional ZIP encryption with relatively simple passphrases is almost certainly good enough to preserve the secret family cookie recipe from the neighbors, but the initial business plan for your unique new product needs to get to your patent attorney with SecureZIP strong encryption. Strong encryption is much more secure, but older ZIP utilities can only decrypt files encrypted with the traditional method.

You can use a passphrase or a key from one or more digital certificates or both passphrase and certificate to encrypt files in SecureZIP. A passphrase uses letters, numbers, spaces and other non-alphanumeric symbols to allow your recipient to open your encrypted file or message. If you use a passphrase to encrypt, anyone who has the passphrase can decrypt. If you use a key from a digital certificate, only the owner of the certificate can decrypt.

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You can choose to encrypt with both a passphrase and a certificate. If someone sends you an archive containing files encrypted with your digital certificate, SecureZIP attempts to decrypt the files automatically when you and only you extract them. SecureZIP does not extract files that cannot be decrypted.

Someone who wants to extract encrypted files must either be able to supply a correct passphrase or else own a digital certificate used to encrypt the files. You sign a file, or an entire archive, by attaching a digital signature derived from a digital certificate that you own. Other people use your certificate's public key to verify that the signature is yours. You can sign files either when you add them to an archive or later. SecureZIP always authenticates digital signatures on files that you receive, but you must have a certificate to attach a digital signature of your own.

When you use a recipient list to encrypt, SecureZIP decrypts the files automatically when unzipping them for someone on the list. Recipients on the list do not need to supply a passphrase.

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You need access to a public key for a digital certificate for each recipient to encrypt for a recipient list. The Certificates list shows all the X. You can have multiple certificates for the same person. The list states when each certificate expires. To pick recipients for the recipient list, check the boxes for individual recipients you want to add. If there are more certificates than fit in the window, use Search to locate the person s you want to add.

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Be sure to select one of your own Personal Certificates to add yourself as a recipient so that you can decrypt the files without entering a passphrase. You can skip encrypting the selected files and add them without encryption by clicking Skip. The files are added to the archive without being encrypted. System administrators and those responsible for data security in an enterprise environment can use SecureZIP Enterprise Edition to implement security and access measures through policy definitions.

By applying a policy, an administrator can lock selected SecureZIP options to desired settings. Policy settings are saved to a policy file, which is digitally signed by an authorized administrator. SecureZIP checks the policy file at startup and locks any settings specified in the file. For example, to ensure that zipped files are always encrypted, an administrator can apply a policy that locks the Encrypt files settings. SecureZIP will then always zip and encrypt files until those options are unlocked and turned off.


Administrators can also define one or more contingency keys in a policy file. Contingency keys enable an organization to decrypt files encrypted by anyone in the organization, whether the files were passphrase-encrypted or were encrypted for specific recipients. Contingency keys are a safeguard to be sure that important information belonging to the organization does not become inaccessible because no one in the organization can decrypt it.

Enterprise customers who regularly exchange compressed and encrypted data with users on Macintosh OS X may find situations where a partner does not already have SecureZIP for Mac and is unable to open encrypted files they receive.

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This license allows a user to install SecureZIP to extract and decrypt archives. Run the downloaded file and perform installation. View full description. Softonic review Important Note: The Unarchiver A fast and free way to unpack your files. WinZip The famous Windows compression tool on Mac.

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