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Consider note on THT versions, a modified, suitable dru-file 8mil, template! Supported framing formats: Please visit http: Bugreports or -fixes - if there are be any bugs hopefully not - are welcomed by the author: Box-type pinheader connectors 1. Revised version 5. SignT D. Uploaded by G. Meanwell Led Driver. Constant Voltage: Compatible to: Silicon Labs Si11xx optical sensors motion sensors, proximity sensors, UV and ambient light sensors.

This file contains: LM voltage regulators. Contains all available variants and technologies. This is a fixed version of the preliminary library released in This new revision includes minor corrections on some of the footprints. Interquip Chip Type Crystal Resonator For more details, please visit http: Corrected footprints for LQFP The library for microchip micro-controller PIC16F You can find more my libraries for other devices under link https: C-Media is a Taiwanese IC maker specialized in audio controllers. Have not actually used the BGA packages yet, so check carefully. Arends from TimeTech.

Updated cirrus. Added CSA. The schematic symbol is optimized for 8-bit applications. Uploaded by Eric Pratt. DOAB note: See also Camera link and Servo drives. These were missing in coilcraft-inductors This is my first Eagle symbol. Special-Diodes tunnel-, etc. Mikromedia is a embedded development platform for mobile devices. I use it for some data logging systems in industrial environment. P8X32A microcontroller from Parallax.

This is a 32bit, 8-cog multiprocessor microcontroller, for high speed application that offers a low power consumption. This library contains all available variants. The schematic symbol of the P8X32A was simplified in this new revision. Neutrik XLR library over variants current as of August , checked against Neutrik available options includes full description page.

All parts correct and vastly expanded from standard library in Eagle. I was adding TDAhome automation modem to library philips. The pad sizes, spacing and silkscreen widths have been tweaked for use in dense fine pitch layouts where space, alignment and precision are critical. In general these components are designed for routing in grid increments of 5 mils. These miniature push-button switches are available in eleven configurations, between single and double throw. New devices are: These are high performance clock buffers.

The number of outputs varies according to the part number. Both have the same pin layout. Not verified with a pcb fab run as of 29 Jan. Uploaded by Terry Fowler from Runbot. Uploaded by Christian Voit from Trimble. Recom Innoline switched regulators. Contains the old and the newest devices from the R series.

Silicon Labs Si70xx humidity and temperature sensors. Contains all devices of the first and second generations. This new version of the library also contains the newest Six temperature sensors. LGPL This updated library corrects some bug has more chips, and makes use of the implicit power pin feature of eagle.

Uploaded by Jan Kandziora. My adaptations to v-reg. Added new L78 types and others by Zetex, Sharp and others. This is my custom Arduino connector library. It contains all five of the basic headers on the Adruino Uno R3: The connectors are basic enough but include the added benefit that all their pin functions are labeled for easier schematic design.

Die Datei Elma. Uploaded by Federico Battaglin from www. It comes with pins package LQFP 14x14mm. Here is the library for new Texas Instruments device bq which is a dedicated wireless power digital controller that integrates the logic functions required to control wireless power transfer to a single WPC-compliant receiver.

Main application is wireless chargers. It is available in 64 pins VQFN-9x9mm package. First version of a library of Commodore custom chips. Currently only containig the LISA graphic adapter. Piggy-back footprints included! Uploaded by Marcin Holmstr. Eagle schematic and layout library for many chip45 products microcontroller modules, radio modules, etc. It comes with 64 pins package. Xilinx Virtex II: Die Bibliothek ist inzwischen hardwareverifiziert Uploaded by Carsten Kienh. Library update: Library update, based on library provided by eagle 5. Reported by Robert -[at]- nomonolo.

Silicon Labs digital isolators and isolating gate drivers ISOdrivers. This has all of the current Six and Si84xx series parts with layout isolation notes. Uploaded by Donald Becker. Connecting adjacent pins 21 and 22 in schematic allows easiliy assembling of 2 different lead-wire spacings on the board. Molex "MiniFit" 4. Original from Eugene Sadovoi Uploaded by A. Panasonic capacitors. Some new SMD packages and types added. Additional components from TI's Qi compliant wireless power reference design kits: Littelfuse Polyfuse devices.

This is a preliminary library that contains all the surface mount resettable fuses PPTCs from Littelfuse. Contents Weidmueller, 7. Updated Version of linear-technology-2 Added a number of new devices. Uploaded by Michel Catudal from Catudal Software. This is con-jst. This new version of the library contains the most recent surface mount resettable fuses PPTCs from Littelfuse. Ham parts from Analog Devices Inc: Fixed footprint for 64 pin LQFP package in atmel-avrmichel.

The size in the old package was 14x14 where it is supposed to be 10x10 I created the file before this new group for sharing was created. And some dimension layers for stacked shields. Corrected relay. Some gates were placed out of grid. Various old chips: Uploaded by Francisco Monteiro. Add new devices: Adapted from display-lcd. Updated Philips library aggain. Component library for Raspberry Pi Compute module. Single pins for control signals for moving them to the desired destination. Library for drawing Pneumatic circuit diagrams.

Contains simbols for many pneumatic valves, cylinders etc. Uploaded by janez paternoster. Please contact me if any errors were found. Updated optocoupler library. I plan to update this library and add more devices. For more see the: Key components from TI's Qi compliant wireless power reference design kits: BQ Package: Based upon v-reg Pinbelegung ist so gamcht, das beide als "Migration-Devices" funktionieren.

This is under development. If you have any comments, please tell me! Uploaded by Arto Kyyhkynen from Helsinki Finland. The device features a floating point unit for high-precision computing and accelerated data processing, and a high data bandwidth architecture.

It integrates advanced user interface and connectivity peripherals and security features. Another batch of old chips: Data sheet included. The Golledge library of products recommended especially for wearable PCB designs. Fixed incorrect pinouts on PAC, add xx and xxxx. Little Library update from official V5. Most of the packages were adapted from rcl. BBD chips file. It contains some BBD chips that used for analog delay circuit, such as: Update T Based on optocoupler Library delivered with Eagle 5. Updated Phoenix Connectors Grid 3. GmbH, http: Added CY8C USB oscilloscope, spectral generator, logic analyzer and more: They are available in 64pins and pins packages.

SOIC packages International rectifier: Include st-microelectronics Shielded Power Inductors Ferrite 2u Revision Push-Pull circular connectors. High density. PCB layout www. Microchip library from Eagle 4. Uploaded by Paul Osmialowski from nowhere. Made corrections. Affordable development tools and USB oscilloscope www. Uploaded by Arnauld Biganzoli from Universit. The use of the RF components of said library reduces risk and time-to-market. Download the latest version from: Uploaded by Volker Wunsch from Hs-Mannheim.

Network Resistor. This microchip library includes PIC18F as well. Power Integrations, Inc. Power Integrations ICs enable compact, lightweight power supplies that are simpler to design and manufacture, more reliable, and more energy-efficient than those made with competing technologies. Adapted from avr. Eagle Lib: Phoenix Connectors Grid 3. A modified version of pinhead.

We provide MIL-spec and commercial products. Please contact factory for your specific package and pinout needs. This file is a update of all previous version. Now over 50 processor variants and extended library Description showing all known variants that use the same footprint and circuit schematic Symbol. Library linear. Many of the packages were adapted from rcl. Uploaded by Georg Siepmann. Are you looking for a library, and it's not here? For sure, you'll find it on: Uploaded by Hauke Sattler from Uni Potsdam. Uploaded by Clemens v. Update of con-ptr library with the AK series with 3.

Library parts for all Golledge Key Products plus automotive crystals and selected popular parts. In addition there are packages and symbols to allow the quick creation of library parts for SAW filters with examples. Uploaded by Carson Reynolds from University of Tokyo. AVR library. Added Tiny Afordable USB oscilloscope: Library parts for all Golledge Key Products, plus automotive crystals, new product introductions, and selected popular parts.

In addition there are packages and symbols to allow the quick creation of library parts for SAW filters and resonators with examples. June update. General purpose SIP style header connectors. Change connector type via package command. Revised avr AVR-5 library just converted to Eagle 4. All AVR parts. Cougar at CasaDelGato. Consolidated all? Telit cellular modules GSM Problem corrected in the library: Atmel processors with "IC view" and prototype headers.

Allows you to add a Header to your board by placing two parts on top of each other on schematic. Fox Electronics 5x3. Uploaded by Viktor Jamrich. M-Pad library contains various parts from different manufactures. Some parts are used in the m-pad project at sourceforge.

Uploaded by Juergen Messerer from Circular connectors. IP PCB layout. This is maxim I hav added in the maxim. Added SO16 package for max, as sold by reichelt. I gathered here some parts from my library. Arto Kyyhkynen. Minor fixup. LCD glass that looks the same between manufacturers may not have the same pinout. Uploaded by Mark Newland from Devin Electronics.

Wurth Electronics Midcom's Speedy and standard magnetics V1. Library contains pad layouts, schematics, pinouts, datasheet links, and basic part information. Molex Micro-Fit 3. Uploaded by Dmitriy Ivashin. Older supercomputing chips 'Transputers and peripherals from Inmos Ltd.

Change Drill to 1. This is the edited altera. Uploaded by Dennis O. Akinlosotu from University of Hull. Updated version of former Mitsubishi processors. Modified library con-amp that includes www. Uploaded by Robert Obermayer. The largest congregation in the network libraries to eagle: A comprehensive collection of Molex Milli-Grid 2mm board-to-board connectors. This is the first release, check all parts, connections and pins carefully before using. Absolutely no warranty! Uploaded by Bogdan Negoescu from Romania.

Included SL series: This part had the female footprint incorrectly assigned. Please replace previous lib versions with this lib. Modified version of pinhead and pinhead1 that adds small pad versions of the single row headers. Circular plastic push-pull connectors. NXP semiconductors library for Eagle 6 and higher. Contains Microcontrollers, Triacs, Diodes, Transistors and miscellaneous devices.

Compact, vibration-proof, intuitive and universal! Wurth Electronics Midcom's V2. Updated NXP semiconductors library for Eagle 6 and higher. All of them. Packages according to Xilinx drawings and recommendations. Not tested, no warranties whatsoever. The original description is as follows: PAC, TO PAC Uploaded by A.

A wide range of different WAGO PCB terminal blocks with proven spring connection technologies offer a variety of different types and sizes for conductor cross-sections from 0. Assemtech Europe Limited E. Modori America Corporation Sensors http: Special drills For drills bigger as 0. Bel Stewart Conector www. ER modules are available in two frequency versions: Solutions Ltd. Please keep in mind, that these devices are necessary for the automatic wiring of the supply signals. The pin name defined in the symbol is identical to the net which is to be wired automatically.

In this library the device names are the same as the pin names of the symbols, therefore the correct signal names appear next to the supply symbols in the schematic. Created by librarian cadsoft. Microphon from JLI Electronics - www. Agilent Technologies www. For technical assistance call: Belton Engineering Co. Berg Connectors Based on the following source: Based on: The combination of configurable high-performance analog, MIPS core and in-system field programmability provides the user with complete design flexibility, improved time-to-market, superior system performance and greater end product differentiation.

For the latest version of documentation, support material and tools visit the website www. Thank you! The Library and the Demo-designs are provided "as is", without warranty. Check the Trimble website for newer versions of this library. Created by Trimble Navigation Ltd, Author: Christian Voit. Field Effect Transistors Created by librarian cadsoft. Vogg Small Signal Transistors Packages from: Phoenix Connectors Grid 7.

All rights reserved. Please verify the accuracy of this cross by reviewing the specifications.

MAC Audio MPX 2500 Manuals

Click on the part numbers below to be taken to the competitive web site or to our catalog page. Female Col. Harting Ribbon Cable Connectors This library includes the former libraries ribcon. Deutsch Industrial Ltd. LBR library Created by librarian cadsoft. Lumberg Connectors include con-mfs. Neosid Chokes and Transformers Based on the following sources: Electronic Component Book, Part 2: Chokes, Fixed Value Inductors Part 3: Special Devices 7-segment displays, switches, heatsinks, crystals, transformers, etc.

Diodes Based on the following sources: LEDs Created by librarian cadsoft. PTR Connectors Aug. Transformers Based on the following previous libraries: Female Headers etc. Created Philips Microcontroller Devices http: Hirose Connectors www. Resistors, Capacitors, Inductors Based on the previous libraries: Phoenix Connectors Grid 5. AVR Devices Configurable logic, microcontrollers, nonvolatile memories Based on the following sources: Siemens Microcontroller and Microprocessor Devices www.

DEV TC DEV XC DEV Created by librarian cadsoft. This behavior is indicated by the key words single and block in the respective device descriptions. Wago Connectors Types: Catalog Revised Product Guide Rev. Puranik KahrTec. Rinaldo library. Large 4 pins Tact switch. Meanwell onBoard power supply PM 5 watt incl. EMI filter. Uploaded by Jm Valera. PBNO-Push button. Two lead pins only. THAT Corp. FH Fredi Kr. Tyco MicroMaTch 4-pin vertical female board-mount connector. Uploaded by Peter Zotov. Tyco MicroMaTch 6-pin vertical female board-mount through-hole connector.

I'm a student of computer science. Uploaded by Wilian Fran. MT Bauform, u. Maxim IC 4. MPXA Pressure sensore with 6 pins. Uploaded by David Bank from Fontys Hogescholen. AD high precission op. A library of Maxim switched capacitor filters Uploaded by Eli Shneider. SENA Technology: Troughton from UK. Uploaded by Max P-W from Student.

Rabbit RCM Module. Extended inductor-coilcraft. Uploaded by Eugene Sadovoi. Connectors- Mais, Power and Multipole v1. SMAJ serie - Version 1. Enfora OEM 60 pin module. The connector is a Molex Uploaded by Hern. Updated USB library. Now is possible to connect shields also. Uploaded by Boris Zalokar. CC-by-nc-sa Uploaded by knudt jacobs from NA. Added with package with real drill size.

Audio delay chips by Princeton Tech. Quectel L76 GPS module. Circuits Analog Devices AD AD Uploaded by Ayroles Herv. A selection of rotary encoders quadrature output knob shaft types Uploaded by Rob Pearce. Diodes Inc. Schottky diode. BSI sram library Uploaded by luc tan from luc tan. Uploaded by Tom Walsh. Example of dome key Uploaded by A. LMAMF 1. Supertex High Voltage Linear Regulators. MAX library. Uploaded by weiman chim. Diese Datei enth. Schematic pins arranged by function.

Schematic pins match layout. Popular Caddock resistors: A couple of OTAs: Uploaded by Ren. Uploaded by Dan Goldwater. This library is converted from the TI's. Contains some power distribution switches Uploaded by Ren. Fitre Relays - Version 1. Laird revision 1. Uploaded by Paul van der Vleuten. Laird Technologies BTSx. Intelligent BTv4. PEM fasteners by Penn Engineering. Uploaded by Francisco Ruiz from Colombia. Texas Instruments TPSxx voltage regulators. This library contains the most recent devices. A variety of through hole and smd wire pads. Serie IRM: Fiber optics transmitters and receivers.

Simple rail style power symbols. Extended allegro. DEV Uploaded by A. Some common Avvid Heatsink types. It can be used for Family NCP Uploaded by Jai Sayan from Student. More drawing ports and symbols added. Power Integrations Inc. - Free EAGLE Libraries, Tools for Electronics Designers

Added more silkscreen icons and fiducials. Common 2. Uploaded by Mikk Leini. Fujitsu Microcontroller Uploaded by A. SMT slide switches, 1. Corrected THAT, power pins were reversed. Microchip Ethernet parts - Uploaded by Mark Lucia from self. Outines for PCB fitting in these Hammond boxes: Add 1 foot print: Omnetics MIL-Spec connectors. First release. DEV corrected package variant. Pulse Engineering - v1. More drawing frame types and schematic note symbols.

Up-date with plunger switch Uploaded by Federico Battaglin from www. Mechanics for mounting on PCBs. Updated with , and families, with corrected gate naming Uploaded by Rob Pearce. Added 6N optocoupler Uploaded by Federico Battaglin from www. BF corrected connection. Diese LBR hat ein neues Bauteil. Alexander Bl. Corrected Symbol for P-Channel types. Updated ftdichip Lundahl Audio Transformers. Latest release. Device FHS Frequenzweichen Bauteile der Fa. IC's by StefPro www.

Added LD in default st-microelectronics. Complete library of Trinamic-ICs. November Uploaded by Patrick Vogl from Trinamic. DCF77 Receiver Modul hopf - http: Up-date some package Uploaded by Federico Battaglin from www. Up-date some dimensions Uploaded by Federico Battaglin from www. Potentiometer von TT Electronics der Typen: P09x, Px, Px, Px und Px. By Omar Masri from Audiosquare. ADS tStop layer mask fix. Updated ENC28J Raspberry Pi library by Martin's Bastelstube -- new Version 1. Up-date symbol of this liberary Uploaded by Federico Battaglin from www.

Uploaded by Domen Vnuk. Update of maxim All unused Packages completed with Device. Update from eagles pinhead. Now with octagonal pads for all single row headers. Dimensions of cases librarian cadsoft. TelCom Semiconductor Devices http: Johanson Technology, Inc. Filters www. Connector Created by librarian cadsoft. OmniVision Technologies, Inc. Xicor Digitally-Controlled Potentiometers Created by librarian cadsoft. Stepper Motor Controller http: Supertex inc.

Brownsburg Elektrinic Inc. Transformers http: Intersil Motor controler Created by librarian cadsoft. SIM Technology http: New Japan Radio Co. Xicon [ Ultra-Mini ] Audio Transformers http: Devices from www. Phoenix Connectors Grid 2. Markers for Layout Outline Definition Created by librarian cadsoft.

Siemens Fiber Optic Components Created by librarian cadsoft. Zilog Z80 Microprocessor Devices Created by librarian cadsoft. Mounting Holes and Pads Created by librarian cadsoft. ROHM Co. Semiconductor http: Siemens Opto Transistors Created by librarian cadsoft. Photocells Manufakturer: PerkinElmer Optoelektronics www. Siemens Chip Card Products Created by librarian cadsoft. Solomon Systech Limited http: Wago Screw Clamps Grid 5.


Tyco Electronics Connector http: ON Semiconductor Home page Created by librarian cadsoft. Thyristors, Triacs, Trigger Diodes Created by librarian cadsoft. Speakers and Buzzers Distributors: Buerklin Spoerle Schukat Created by librarian cadsoft. Default symbols for import LTspice schematics alf cadsoft. Connectors J.

T Mfg Co. Transformers www. Generic Resistor Networks Created by librarian cadsoft. Bourns Resistor Networks Created by librarian cadsoft. Micronas Intermetall Devices Created by librarian cadsoft. National Semiconductor http: Allegro MicroSystems, Inc www. Vitrohm Power Resistors Created by librarian cadsoft. Infineon Technologies http: Pulse Engineering, Inc. Pin Header Connectors Menufacturer Created by librarian cadsoft. Hirschmann Connectors Audio, scart, microphone, headphone Created by librarian cadsoft. Harris Microcontrollers and Memories Created by librarian cadsoft.

Connectors from Cypress Industries www. Resistors in Single Inline Packages Created by librarian cadsoft. Crystals and Crystal Resonators Created by librarian cadsoft. Linear Technology Devices http: Inductors and Filters Based on the previous library ind-a. Connector from Sullins Electronic www. AMP Catalog Created by librarian cadsoft. Freescale www. Motorola MC Processors Created by librarian cadsoft. Harting Connectors Low profile connectors, straight Created by librarian cadsoft. Pin Headers Naming: Fujitsu Microcontrollers and Memories Created by librarian cadsoft.

Application Mode Updating fail B5 Reset and update again. Target device Display Error code when an error occurs Main Main: DC Voltmeter 1. No load Do not connect speaker, dummy resistor, etc. A signal for each channel contained in an input signal is output as audio. If "Surr. If this surround mode is selected, only the "Height" mode setting is available for "Surr. Parameter" - "Mode". This item cannot be set when "Surr. Parameter" - "S. Back" is set to "PLgx Music". This item can be selected when "Surr. Parameter" - "Mode" is set to "Cinema" or "Pro Logic".

Parameter" - "Mode" is set to "Cinema". This item can be selected when a Dolby TrueHD signal is played. D This indicates the audio output channels. The output channels depend on the settings of "Speaker Config. Symbols in the table This table shows the speakers that can be used in each surround mode and the surround parameters adjustable in each surround mode. Parameter D. Width S C. If "Speaker Config. Height" is set to "None", this item cannot be selected.

Default For HD Audio whose sampling frequency of an input signal is more than 96 kHz, this sound parameter cannot be set. This item can be set when the input signal is analog, PCM 48 kHz or Back" is set to "None", this surround mode cannot be selected. Back" is set to "1spkr" or "None", this surround mode cannot be selected. Height" is set to "None", this surround mode cannot be selected.

S This indicates the selectable surround mode. Check the audio signal of the input source then select the surround mode. POWER 1. Power not turn on Power not turn on. Refer to 1. Fuse is blown. Are there any incomplete connections in the connectors connecting between the various circuit boards? Connect the connectors properly.

Refer to 23 page. Fuse is blown Fuse is blown Check for leaks or short circuits in the primary side parts, and replace any defective parts. To troubleshooting 6. Refer to 83 page. NO Check for short circuits in the rectifier diodes and circuitry of the secondary side rectifying circuits, and replace any defective parts. After repairing, also replace the fuse. CP13B-4pin V-5V: Is they the following voltage values? H 5V FB L 0V FB NO Check cable between main unit and player or check player.

JBL Stage 1200B Subwoofer sealed box 250 W RMS

YES t Is the signal output from the video amplifier? Check cable between main unit and monitor or check monitor. ICpin S-C: Is the signal input to selector IC? Check power supply voltage of IC, and surrounding circuitry soldering. Is signal confirmed for the following point? FB68 S-Y: FB68 S-C: Check A-q - t Input S: Check B-q - t If no problems are found in the checks above, check the connections between boards.

To troubleshooting 3. ICpin NO Is the signal input to video amplifier? ICpin Check cable between main unit and player or check player. Check connection. PC TVs cannot be used. A The TV is defective. Replace the new HDMI connector. If dust is adhering, remove the dust and perform the troubleshooting again from 1. I Check the set's input setting, referring to the set's operating instructions. Replace the IC9. Check operation of each device. AMP source: Check operation of U1 ADV Refer to [Detail C] of the substrate for test point. NO The power supply circuitry is defective.

If the waveform is not the reference waveform, proceed to NO. NO The U1 is defective. C Are 1. Refer to [Detail D] of the substrate for test point. Replace the new parts. The internal terminal has bent. Check set's input setting, referring to the set's operating instructions. To item Check operation of U4 ADV FB62 S-Y: FB70 V: To troubleshooting 2.

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Analog video. Are 1. Are 3. Is oscillation of X1 The X1 or U4 is defective. NO The U4 is defective. The power supply circuitry is defective.


NO The IC12 is defective. AUDIO 4. The protector operates. YES Is the power transistor open or shortcircuited? NO Is the emitter resistance of the power transistor open? YES Replace the emitter resistance. NO Is the base resistance of the power transistor open? YES Replace the base resistance. NO Is the trimmer potentiometer between the base of the power transistor open? YES Replace the trimmer potentiometers. NO Are the zener diode and diode which are connected with the base of a power transistor short-circuited?

NO Is other transistor trouble? YES Replace the transistor. NO Is other resistance trouble? YES Replace the resistance. NO Turn on the power, check that voltage of the section is normal and that idling electric current is flowing. Analog audio No sound is output Is the voltage of? NO The power supply of? YES The power amplifier is repaired. YES Once more, check the connection of the connector. When you can specify the troubled channel and function, check the corresponding signal route.

Turn off the power and check the LAN cable properly, and then turn the power back on. Set the IP address and other parameters properly. For a fixed IP setting, check whether the IP address is redundant with that of other devices and the subnet mask setting is correct. Connect them properly to peripherals. Check the router's operating instructions and set it properly. Check whether there are connection restrictions due to the MAC address, etc.

The circuit from AC inlet to CX1 is defective. The IC1 and surrounding circuitry or circuitry of 3. The IC6 or IC17 and surrounding circuitry are defective. Don't use the USB hub. NO Connect the wire properly. The circuit between IC17 and IC15 is defective.

YES Check the analog video circuit. YES Check the Digital audio circuit. NO Is the fuse F blown? YES Replace the damaged parts. Repair the jumper wire. NO Is there a damaged part? YES Check the damage of each part. Operation waveform for each part Primary drain Caution: High voltage, electric shock After primary side rectification Caution: R2A MAX. IN M Lead-free Solder?????????????

L Pri. A CA Pri. AUXV V. Please choose suitable resistors to each kind of relay. BASSR2 BASSR1 CGND MP6 VSSA2 RXD1 COL VDDA33 LINK R 10K 9 R R 4. Parts marked with this symbol have critical characteristics. Personal notes: When repairing the P. ASS'Y, check the board parts list and order replacement parts.

Therefore they might differ from the parts used in the unit in appearances or dimensions. Europe model EA: Australia model E1C: China model CIE3: Black model SP: Premium Silver model Ref. Part No. Refer to the table below Please refer to parts , page. General semiconductors etc. The semiconductorsTemp Rating detailed drawing in a schematic diagram are omitted from list. All perimeter pins must be soldered to PCB. Figure 3: They are not to be electrically connected to any external signal, ground, or voltage.

Failure to follow this guideline may result in damage to the device. Do not connect them to each , NC other or to any other electrical signal. Connect these pins to the load, and place output capacitor ey are not to be electrically connected to any external signal, ground, VOUT from device. Connect these pins to the ground electrode of the Input and e pins may be internally connected. Do not connect them to each PGND output filter capacitors. Input power supply. Connect to input power supply.

Connect these pins to the load, and place output capacitor Input Enable. Applying logic high enables the output and initiates a soft-start. Allows for customization of the control loop response. Applying a Soft-Start node. The soft-start capacitor is connected between this pin and AGND. The 30 SS utput.

POK will be Input. The feedback loop is closed through this pin. The mid point of the divider is connected to XFB. A output. The the Ground return for the controller. Needs to be connected to a Analog Ground. This is 32 determines the startup time. AGND quiet ground. A voltage divider the controller.

Needs to be connected to input voltage at a quiet Input power supply for at 33 AVIN e output voltage. A point.

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Needs to be connected to a he controller. Needs to be connected to input voltage at a quiet? Receiver Comparator Supply Voltage 1. Receiver Terminator Supply Voltage 3. Hot Plug Detect for Port D. DVDD Ground. Digital Supply Voltage 1. It should be filtered and as quiet as possible. This pin sets the internal reference currents. Hot Plug Detect Signal.

This pin indicates to the interface whether the receiver is connected. It supports 1. This pin serves as the master to the DDC bus. Serial Port Data Clock to Receiver. This pin serves as the master clock for the DDC bus. Differential Clock Output. Differential Output Channel 0 Complement. Differential Output Channel 0 True. Differential Output Channel 1 Complement. Differential Output Channel 1 True. PLL Supply Voltage 1. Input pin for Crystal Output Pin. This pin should be left floating if a clock oscillator is used.

PVDD Ground. Hot Plug Detect for Port A. This pin sets the internal termination resistance. A Ohm resistor between this pin and ground should be used. Hot Plug Detect for Port B. Hot Plug Detect for Port C. IC15 res. Pull-down resistor internal at no selection Pin Functions Pin No. Pin No. Their level is fixed when they are unselected. Row address: Column address: A10 is sampled during a precharge command to determine if all banks are to be precharged or bank selected by BS0, BS1.

In write cycle, sampling DQM high will block the write operation with zero latency. CKE controls the clock activation and deactivation. Disable or enable the command decoder. When command decoder is disabled, new command is ignored and previous operation continues. Command input. No Connection No connection. Auto Setting Mode, "H": The AK should always be reset upon power-up. All input pins except pull-down pin should not be left floating. GND Note 2. H Reset input pin reset: Z No Chg.

Q7 No Chg. No Chg. WAFER 7. FPC 1. BKT Part No.