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Meet Shiny Pokemon. Pokeball Cheat. Dive Ball x fcff b21c4d28 b f4c 03e d Great Ball x fcff b21c4d28 b f4c 03e d Ultra Ball x fcff b21c4d28 b f4c 03e d Share this post Share. Previous Post: Next Post: Comments Can we play it on Android? How am I supposed to get cheats from my pc to my IDS. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. It has all one hit KOs and a speed. Zaprong the elekid: Sheer cold Blast burn Zap cannon Sacred fire Frostella the smoochum: If it doesnt tell me.

First, you need the national pokedex. Then you need the poketech calculator app up on your watch. Then you need to add and activate the code. After you have all these checked off, go to your pokedex and find a Pokemon in it that you want. When you find it, remember it's National Pokedex ID number. Then exit the pokedex and menu. Type in the National Pokedex number of your desired pokemon. The level of the Pokemon depends on where you are. For example, if you use this near your hometown you will get your Pokemon at a low level like level 2, 3, 4 or 5.

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Pokemon Diamond Action Replay Codes

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Need more help? Read our game guide Ask a question Start a discussion. In our guide you will find a general walkthrough for the game as well as extras including details on the National Dex, The Battle Zone, Pokemon stre.. Full Guide. Most Popular Codes Page 1 of This video shows you how to enter the codes you find here on SuperCheats. It has been sticked at the top of this page. Any new codes submitted will follow under this submission.

Pokemon Diamond

Adding Action Replay Codes. Catch others Pokemon not for wifi. Miscellaneous Codes View Code. Catching trainers Pokemon ID In-game Cheats View Code. This code will give you exp. Pokemodifier Calculator. Added 5 Jun , ID I dont know about you, but im tired of the master ball modifier code. Added 8 Jul , ID Alright, i posted a code that didnt end up working for most people. Pokedex Codes View Code. Along with giving you every legendary in the game, it also maxes out your money, score, etc.

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Individual Pokemon Codes View Code. Teams of Pokemon Codes View Code. Pokemon modifier with calculator Added 22 Nov , ID Encounter Codes View Code. Any Pokemon can learn any tm or hm Super short code. Encounter any Pokemon you choose with this code. There is a secret hidden lake only unlockable after getting the National Pokedex. If you look closely at the map, you'll see what looks like an empty square near Lake Valor.

You might need to look up research on it at the Canalave city library before it will be available for capture. In Solaceon Town, go to the house next to the Pokemon Center. Talk to everyone in there. One of the people will ask you to bring them a Pokemon to look at not to keep. Do this. Take it back to the person and then they will give you three random free pokeballs.

They are: When you go to Pal Park, they'll give you 6 pokeballs. You can catch pokemon from the system you put in. I put in Emerald and I caught a lvl 40 Swampert. After You beat the fifth Gym, go to the sailor and tell him to sail to Iron Island.

Pokemon Diamond Action Replay Codes

Then you meet Riley and he has a Lucario. When you and him beat the Galctic Grunts he will give you a Roilu egg.

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Bring only five poke'mon to the Island or you have to walk back to him to get the egg. Also Roilu evevoles at Friendship evolution so feed it poffins don't make him faint and give him massages in Veilstone City. Here's the Sinnoh Elite Four's weaknesses and Pokemon. Mime, Medicham, Alakazam, Girafarig, and Bronzong.

What is the AR code for rare candies?? - Pokemon Diamond Version Answers for DS - GameFAQs

Cynthia's weaknesses are Lightning, Fire, Physic and Fighting. After you beat the 5th gym leader in diamond go to a foggy lake, then use defog you should be able to get this HM sometime after beating the 5th gym leader just keep looking for defog if you don't get it after beating the 5th gym leader after you use defog in the lake cross it after that a man will have a briefcase - he will either give a riddle or a question to solve before he battles you depends on which game you have NOTE: You must answer the riddle or question correct if you want Lucario.

After you answer the question or riddle correctly he will battle you, If you win, you will get Lucario. To get started you'll need the three things: What you need to do is go up to a golden tree, use the sweet honey, and wait a couple of hours or until the tree shakes. When you are in Eterna Forest, someone named Cheryl will ask for locating the exit. She'll heal you're Pokemon before another battle, and she has a Chancey so that means double the wild Pokemon. I caught a Bunery with her by my side. If you go to sunyshore city, go to the far east side. Go into the building and go up the stairs to the hallway.

Go to the room just to the right of the middle door. The first time you go in a guy in the room to the right of the room your in.

You won't find him again, ever. They follow you ,too, if you go to the middle room. The good thing to this creepy room is that you can catch Gengar and Haunter. On your way to Snowpoint City, you travel through the snow. About half way there you'll find a house. When you go in there's this lady. She'll give you a spell tag. If you leave and come back, the lady won't be there anymore.

When you open your badge case while veiwing your trainer card, tap on your badges, and they will play a musical note! You're shining your badges! And, in the lighthouse, you meet Volkner, the City's gym leader. But, there is one more important person in this town. She not only gives you helpful advice, but, once you beat the Gym leader, she gives you HM07, Waterfall.

She is on a patch of sand in the north part of the city. In the old Chateau's dining room, wait about 1 minute and-is that a ghost at the table?! Nah, it was probably your imagination. This glitch requires two copies of either pearl or diamond. Both players enter the underground.

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One places all of the desired traps to be duplicated. The other picks them up. Then the first player turns off the game without saving. Now both players have the traps! Step 1: Step 2: Enter the GTS room. The part where you connect to the wireless router, wifi connector, etc.

Step 3: Deposit a pokemon you want to clone. Step 4: Make a bogus deal for the wanted pokemon. Level Abra, either gender Step 5: Begin Depositing. Look at the clock at the bottom right of the message. When it goes around