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If you are wondering where your disk space went, then you probably need to clean up Mac hard drive from the large and old files. This is a good way to make more room on your computer. But how to clean a Mac from the unwanted big and old files? Is it easy to find and remove them? Actually, there are two methods to delete such files. Having your files backed up is a wonderful thing. But over time your Mac becomes overloaded with old backups that take gigabytes of storage on your hard drive. Each backup remains stored on your computer and is accessible via iTunes.

To delete the old backups, you need to do the following:.

How to Clean Up Mac? — 10 Steps to Clean MacBook

Mac applications come with language files for every language they support. It allows to start using the app in that language immediately. Cool, right? Not always. Just consider: You need to remove the unnecessary language files and clean MacBook from that clutter. How to delete the language files? Note that for every app you should manually find and select the files to remove.

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But there is an automatic way to delete the language files that will save you tons of time — CleanMyMac X. Get rid of them and do a Mac cleanup. Deleting DMGs: To do that, simply drag the mounted volume to the trash. Keep in mind that you can save yourself from all of that by using a cleaning tool like CleanMyMac X. CleanMyMac has iTunes Junk module to help you get rid of such files quickly and easily. Therefore, if you wonder how to clean up a Mac and boost its performance, try to delete the duplicates. Note that the process of finding and removing the duplicates requires either a lot of patience and time if you decide to delete them manually or a duplicate finder app.

Many of us have a tendency to keep files we access frequently, piling them until the desktop looks like a mess. Rather than just leaving every file on your desktop, organize them into folders.

How to Clean Your Mac for Free with MacClean

Thus, it will be easier to keep track of the related items. You can also use Google Drive, Dropbox or any external storage device to save your files and keep your desktop tidy. As always, be careful. Ivan Exploring latest tech trends. With Dr.

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We think it is user-friendly to help you manage all the files on your hard disk using a visual map, so we added the Disk Map feature into Dr. Cleaner for free. However, no functions like this can be found in CleanMyMac. Disk Map quickly scans your drive and builds an amazing visualization of all the files and folders on your computer, allowing you to easily navigate the system and find the content that takes up the most space.

In addition, all folders and files under the home folder are listed out by size.

As for some system-required critical files, deleting them would provide a prompt that those are important and are not allowed to be removed. With the Disk Map feature you can also find out when a file or folder was created, modified or last opened. Furthermore, hovering your mouse on one folder then clicking the magnifier icon will direct you to the file location. Is Dr. Cleaner worth trying? Absolutely, yes! It not only cleans up your disk space but also solves other Mac issues you might have. In addition, we are also the least expensive cleaning app on macOS.

If you still cannot afford it, you can call your friends or family to share the cost. Thanks Apple for letting us share wonderful applications together via family sharing. Regardless if you are new to the Mac or an advanced user, Dr. Cleaner will be a good choice for you. While Dr. I hope you will have fun with Dr. Cleaner in the future! Thanks for taking the time to read my article. How do you like Dr.

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