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Show Hidden Files and Folders on macOS

All kinds of files could be hidden files, such as a. The real reason that Apple set some files and folders hidden by default is that there is a risk to the system if you delete or modify these folders and files. I believe that most people are not advanced users. I highly recommend this way to show hidden files and folder since it is not only the easiest way, but also the quickest way. However, if you are running an older version than macOS Sierra, please choose Method 2: Using Terminal to show your hidden files. After performing method 1, you can see the hidden files or folder on your Mac.

But sometimes you want to keep them always visible to make it easy to access.

Here is how to do it. Drag the hidden Library folder icon from Finder to the sidebar. This is the fastest way and it will keep the folder accessible even if you relaunch your Finder.

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In some situations, you may already know the exact folder that you wish to view. You can follow the steps below to reach certain folders directly on your Mac:. Do you think the first method is too simple?

How to Recover and Show Hidden Files on Mac?

Terminal, which is regarded as one of the most powerful app on Mac, can do anything you want to do since it owns the highest permission. Terminal can be found in spotlight very easily.

You can hide them again through the same process. In Mac OS , you have to take advantage of the Terminal application to reveal or view the hidden files or folders in the device. It enables you to change the permissions on files and folders.

Mac OSX 10.7 & 10.8 - Show hard drive, USB flash drive, CDs, and other external devices on desktop

In Terminal, paste the following: Press return 4. Click your external hard drive under the Devices heading in the Finder to show all hidden files. To hide them again, follow the same steps but replace the Terminal command with: An alias can be made temporarily just for the use of one terminal session or permanently.

How to Show Hidden Files and Folders on Your Mac -

Below that, paste the following: Now when you want to show hidden files, all you need type in Terminal is showFiles , then hideFiles when you want to hide them. This is the command to show hidden files and is ended with a semi-colon ; so we can then use the second command:.

Aliases can be used to speed up your interaction with the Terminal. Set up an alias for navigating to your most used directories, to commit to a GitHub repo and so on.