Madcatz xbox 360 mac driver

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I have found a way of installing the controllers on Lion. For other controllers I believe you follow the sam instructions, however the product and vendor id will probably be different. Mad Catz, Inc. Hey tsphan, will it be possible for you to download the latest version of my modified driver located here:. And let me know if the included.

Use the Xbox 360 controller on your Mac

In case you have forgotten, my driver was a modded version of 0. If you can, please respond. Could you just help me answer the following:. Tattiebogle has a version 0.

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Is this version Lion compatible? Have people had problems using it?

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Should I add digital triggers to this one or just leave it alone? Or would you prefer version 0. If I have time I may even integrate the plist updater into the control panel… but first I need some feedback. Latest Installer File: Does not require dragging, and requires only 1 input of password. I also included an xbox controller icon for identification.

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Much easier and simpler to explain to people. Latest Controller List file with everything included so far.

How to connect an XBOX controller to a Mac

Including the controller data that creativdeveloper had. As for Lion compatibility, see what everyone is posting about so far. Thank you so much for adding all these controllers in! I really really appreciate it.

Could you possibly add support for the xbox brawl pad. How the hell did you do it?? Did you ever figure out how to get it to work? Mac OS X Lion So please, any ideas? Did you sudo touch the necessary folder and then restart? BlackberryMan Strike Controller: Aimes WallaceTech Hi guys.

Help using a mad catz xbox 360 wired controller

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