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DragonBox uses a novel pedagogical method based on discovery and experimentation. Players learn how to solve equations in a playful and colorful game environment where they are encouraged to experiment and be creative. By manipulating cards and trying to isolate the DragonBox on one side of the game board, the player gradually learns the operations required to isolate X on one side of an equation.

Little by little, the cards are replaced with numbers and variables, revealing the operators the player has been learning throughout the game. Playing does not require supervision, although parents can assist them in transferring learned skills into pen and paper equation solving. It is a great game for parents to play with their kids and can even give them an opportunity to freshen up their own math skills.

DragonBox was developed by former math teacher Jean-Baptiste Huyhn and has been heralded as a perfect example of game-based learning. As a result, it is currently forming the basis of an extensive research project by the Center For Game Science at the University of Washington. I am currently in a graduate program in which I must use lower level differential calculus and some advanced algrebra.

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This is it. Thank you for developing this app!! Incidentally, you may see quite a few reviews complaining about the number of requests for reviews. I encoutnerfed several of these, but not as frequently as those reviews stated. This must have been adjusted after so many users complained about it. So, thank you, early reviewers. You helped improve the app! It was teaching so little about real mathamatics as related to what is expected in school, it was a stretch to call it edutainment, but more mindless wax-on wax-off activities.

Honestly, get to the point and teach more directly. As a game it was boring. As a teaching tool it was poor and wasted valuable study time, when there are far better edutainment games that directly teach the subject material. To our amazement algebra is now her favorite subject, and she takes pride in explaining math to her friends. None have been more effective than the MathTutor series in building math skills. Your software is outstanding.

Our son's math grade has gone from a C- to an A, and his confidence has soared.

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We are deeply grateful for your wonderful software. It is a remarkable resource for math educators! Math Tutorial Software for Schools, Homeschool and Self-Study The Math Tutor educational software series provides rich, adaptive mathematics instructional programs for high school and middle school.

Schools seeking curriculum based interactive math learning software for Grades will find the series to be ideal. Parents wanting homeschool math learning and tutorial software will also find the series to be ideal. Schools, families, and individuals alike have found the Math Tutor series to offer the best math educational teaching software available anywhere.

The series is also effective for remedial and developmental math instruction. The subject of pre-algebra serves as a critical foundation for the math subjects that follow.

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Our pre-algebra tutorial software program will help students master the concepts of pre-algebra and build proficiency in problem solving. It will give students outstanding preparation for the math courses to come.

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Each of the subjects that follow pre-algebra - algebra 1, geometry, algebra 2, trigonometry, and calculus - is given outstanding, comprehensive treatment by other programs in the series. For example, Algebra 1 in the "Concepts and Skills Series" will help students learn the concepts of elementary algebra, and basic problem solving. Algebra 1 in the "Practice and Review Series" will help students build mastery in solving problems of intermediate and advanced difficulty.

The Math Tutor series features self-paced lessons suitable for students at all levels of ability.

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The series helps students achieve a deep understanding of key math concepts and gain the confidence so critical for success in math. Outstanding curriculum-based series designed by math educators. Ideal both as a supplement to classroom instruction, and for self-study. Network versions available for Windows compatible networks Network versions contain special student performance analysis features. The ideal software series for learning and mastering Grades math.

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