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Casual users can use any of the built-in study options while also supporting custom study sessions. Studies has one of the most flexible flashcard builders of any app reviewed. Where most apps only support two-sided flashcard, Studies and Flashcards Deluxe both support multi-sided flashcards. Each side supports text, images, audio clips recorded from the app , or videos.

The background color, font, text color, font, and text alignment can also be customized. Despite the many options and customizations available, the flashcard builder is well-designed and pleasant to work with. Studies provides plenty of options for reviewing flashcards. The options let you tailor your study sessions depending on how much time you have, what you want to study, and how you want to study.

The Custom option will let you mix and match many of the options above into your own custom study session. Because Studies supports Quizlet, teachers can create sets there and have their students import them into Studies. This is probably the best sharing option for teachers. Studies , along with Flashcards Deluxe, provide the most sharing options of any app reviewed. Other options include:. The design is modern, clean, and subtle. It does well serving the primary purpose of the app helping you study flashcards without getting in the way.

Organizing a large collection of flashcards in Studies is also a breeze thanks to the clean design.

The best flashcard study app

Groups can also be nested within other groups. Organizing flashcards into groups and stacks also lets you narrow your focus when studying; you can focus on one stack at a time or all the stacks in a group. Both versions of the app support iCloud, so flashcard data is synced between all devices. I found syncing worked well between the iPhone and macOS apps. The developers have done an exceptional job making the interface on the iOS app similar to the macOS app.

Studies for macOS also has a few noteworthy features not found in the iOS version. There were also a couple standout features that helped Studies become our recommended flashcard app. Earlier, I mentioned how effective a learning technique called spaced repetition is at helping you remember things longer. One handy feature of Studies is that it supports different learning schedules, and some use spaced repetition. The long-term, deadline, and short-term schedules are particularly useful because of how they intelligently pick flashcards for you to review.

As you review flashcards and get them right or wrong, the app learns which ones you know well and which ones you struggle with. It will then start showing missed cards more often than ones you consistently get right. One feature that sets Studies apart from other flashcard apps is the ability to create templates that can be applied to future flashcards. This saves time when re-creating flashcards with the same number of sides, colors, and settings.

In many ways, the app is similar in features to Studies. Flashcards Deluxe, however, gives you many more options to tweak in a more complex interface. It supports an impressive number of flashcard types my jaw dropped a little when I went through its samples tutorial. One unique flashcard type is the ability to draw answers. Its strength lies in a collection of beautifully created flashcards covering popular topics in geography, history, science, languages, and more.

Why flashcards?

Flashcards created by Tinycards and Duolingo the app creators are a visual delight. This is the time for Mac. Most of them are offline apps while we have included some online services as well. We will take you through the different aspects of these tools so that you can get the best flashcard app for your needs. Shall we begin?

Flashcard Hero is a freemium flashcard app for Mac.

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The full version comes with a price tag. We have been testing the Lite version for the review since Paid features are somewhat additional. You can create cards, study them and track progress from the same window. There is an option to customize the UI according to your needs. For instance, it lets you disable the Sidebar for a seamless experience. It has a smooth workflow for creating and studying flashcards. Right when you open Flashcard Hero, you can find the option for creating the first flashcard.

For each subject, you can create an individual deck. In the full version, Flashcard Hero lets you store cards per deck. Flashcard Hero offers different modes to study as well. You can use the same flashcard for memorizing the content, type in the answer or select from Multiple Choices. This will prevent you from getting bored in the long run.

Some of these modes have audio content support as well. It means you can use Flashcard Hero for studying almost everything. This freemium tool does not disappoint when it comes to progress tracking. Did we say that it has support for Spaced Repetition? Thanks to this, you can track your learning progress based on cards.

How to make flashcards to support your studies

If you mark cards as difficult, Flashcard Hero will bring them again for thorough learning. Altogether, we loved how Flashcard Hero helps you keep all your resources together. Apart from the basic flashcard making and studying, Flashcard Hero does not offer much. However, we loved its option for Remote Control.

You can use your iPhone as the remote for changing and flipping flashcards on your Mac screen. Rich content support is also worth noting. Its free version is somewhat limited.

‎Flashcard Hero Lite on the Mac App Store

For instance, you can store a maximum of 20 cards in a deck. We think the free version would be enough for most students. Flashcard Hero Lite is the best option if you are looking for an effective flashcard app for Mac. While it does not offer tons of feature, you will love using and studying with this app.

AnkiApp for Mac is a completely free flashcard app. But, the best part about AnkiApp is its collection of features. AnkiApp has a funky User Interface. Not everyone may like it, but it gets things done. You may also need some time to get used to the UI. However, unlike Flashcard Hero, AnkiApp lets you change the color scheme and customize the Studying interface. Just provide the name and description and you can start adding cards. We really liked the workflow here. You can also make use of the formatting tools as well as Rich Content Creation. The studying interface is pretty minimal too.

The whole process is pretty straightforward. We also missed the different studying modes here, AnkiApp is not at least putting restrictions. It has, however, multiple answer responses based on difficulty. AnkiApp is not the best when it comes to progress tracking. Since AnkiApp follows a four-scale grading system, the data can be a bit more complex. It also gives you a quick idea about where you are standing on different topics. That is, if you are weak in a specific area, you will know. The best feature in AnkiApp is the ability to download pre-set flashcards from platforms like Quizlet. This is pretty great when you are studying a popular topic.

Studies for iPhone/iPad

You can bring in some cards and add some other on your own as well. There is also an option to import flashcards from Spreadsheets and TSV files. If you are familiar with HTML, there is a way for more customization. As we said, AnkiApp is completely free to use.

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  7. Despite the lack of a price tag, AnkiApp is offering standard support and Knowledge Base as well. Are you looking for a completely free flashcards app for Mac? AnkiApp would be a great option for you.