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Diacritics work in the same way as the circumflex accent on the French keyboard: Numerous diacritics are available; they are placed in a mnemotechnical way on a French keyboard:.


The Unicode system does feature all possible combinations. Some fonts notably Charis SIL overcome this problem by offering smart diacritics positioning even when existing combination is lacking. It suffices to type the letter followed by the desired diacritical mark pressing the SPACE key to place it below the preceding letter.

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The keyboard additionally offers numerous characters used for transcriptions, critical editions, and so on. If you have any suggestions to improve this keyboard, just let me know by leaving a comment below! Your email address will not be published. Skip to content Search for: En Fr.

Installation Click on the following link to download my Mac keyboards: If you choose to connect a physical keyboard i. See the Physical Keyboard Section of this document for instructions and combinations.

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View this page in English Chaque fois que vous avez besoin de la touche CAM, tapez la touche! Si vous tapez la touche! To take advantage of the unique features of each device, the Cameroon AZERTY Keyboard behaves differently on physical keyboards and touch screens, please choose your interface below: If you tap the E key once, you will get a lowercase "e".

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  7. Sometimes you may need to use two keys to get the letter you want. It is used to type capital letters like this: If you hold the Shift key and tap the E key once, you will get a capital "E". The Cameroon Keyboard is special, and it is possible to type other Characters not printed on your keyboard using the "CAM" Cameroon key.

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    Each time you need the CAM key, just press! To get the special characters shown on the right side of each key in the chart like this: If you tap the! In review, if you look at the keyboard chart, you'll see that most keys on the Cameroon keyboard can be used to produce up to four different characters in this way. Use the chart to find the letters you need for your language, and use a combination of Shift and the CAM Key!

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    Unlike French, Cameroonian diacritics accents are typed after the letter. For example, you would type: French France Arabic Note: Choose the physical keyboard layout on your computer below for more details: With the keyboard visible, touch the globe key: This will bring up a list of all currently installed languages. If you have already downloaded additional languages, they will appear here. Simply select them and the keyboard will reappear with the new language.