Transferring data between mac computers

You can find these cables online or in tech department stores. Connect the two Macs with the cable. Plug one end of the cable into one Mac's Thunderbolt 3 port, then plug the other end into your other Mac's Thunderbolt 3 port.

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Open the Apple menu. Click System Preferences…. Click Network. This option is a globe-shaped icon in the System Preferences window. It's at the bottom of the left-hand column of connections. A pop-up window will appear. Click the "Interface" drop-down box. You'll find this near the top of the pop-up window. Clicking it prompts a drop-down menu.

How to sync files and folders between two Macs

Click Thunderbolt Bridge. Click Create. This is at the bottom of the pop-up window. Click Apply. It's in the bottom-right corner of the screen. Add the Thunderbolt Bridge on the other Mac. You'll do this using the same process as above: Open System Preferences, then click Network. Click Create , then click Apply.

Wait for both Macs to recognize the Thunderbolt Bridge connection. Once the colored dot to the left of the "Thunderbolt Bridge" heading turns from red to yellow, you can proceed. If it takes more than a couple of minutes for your Mac's Thunderbolt Bridge connection to switch, close and re-open the Network window. Note the IP address on the target computer. The address to the right of the "IP Address" heading is the address you'll use to connect to the current computer. Enable file sharing for the first Mac. Make sure you're doing this on the Mac to which you want to transfer files: Click Sharing.

Check the "File Sharing" box on the left side of the window.

Easy ways to sync files between Macs

Connect to the Mac. On the Mac on which you did not enable File Sharing, do the following: Sign in. Enter the username and password you use to log into the Mac to which you're connecting, then click Connect. Click Macintosh HD. You'll see this option in the pop-up window that appears. Doing so selects your other Mac's hard drive as the target location. Click OK. It's at the bottom of the pop-up window. Transfer files to the other Mac. You can copy files from anywhere on your computer and then add them to your other Mac by doing the following: Click the IP address or Mac name in the left-hand column of Finder.

Go to the folder in which you want to paste the files e. Wait for the files to appear on the other Mac. Method 4. Understand when to use this method. If you want to migrate your Mac's preferences, files, and other information onto a new Mac, you can use a Time Machine backup from your old Mac to do so. This method shouldn't be used for regular file transfers. Create a Time Machine backup. If you don't already have a Time Machine backup, create one using a blank hard drive before proceeding.

Attach your Time Machine hard drive to a Mac. Restart your Mac. Click the Apple menu. You'll need to do this as your Mac is restarting. Release the keys when you see the Utilities window appear. This window will have a few options e. Click Restore from Time Machine Backup. It's in the middle of the window.

Click Continue twice. It's in the bottom-right corner of the window. Click Time Machine Backup. This option is in the middle of the window. Click Continue. It's in the bottom-right corner. Select the backup you want to use. Click the name and date of the backup from which you want to restore this Mac.

It's at the bottom of the window. Your Mac will begin restoring your Time Machine backup; once the restore finishes, you should be able to access your old Mac's files and settings on your new Mac. A pop-up will appear with names of some devices that have Airdrop on. This may take a minute, but wait until the name of the Mac you're sharing to pops up.

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Click on the name of the other Mac and wait for it to share! This is a workaround to the USB issue. Yes No. Im about to cancel that and start over fresh. It may save me a gb of space.

MacBook For Dummies, 4th Edition

Thanks for writing this informative article! I have a number of high-end apps with limited installs. Neither method takes this into account and it can be easy to forget about before wiping and selling the old machine. Is there any way I can get them migrated over to the new Mac? This is an old post, but it might help some people.

How To Migrate Your Data from An OLD Mac to A NEW Mac

Preferences files are generally tiny, far too small to worry about. Great guide! What about Apple apps like Photos? Is there a preference file or any other fil I can move? I know how too but will this method corrupt something, because i have iCloud photo library? Thank you! FYI I just used migration assistant to copy all my stuff off my mac going in for repairs to the screen to a temporary mac.

It did NOT copy everything.

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I requested everything to be imported to the temporary mac from my complete time machine backup off the original mac and some things were copied and others not. Very weird — even some email accounts and mailboxes and others missed. Some parts of the directory hierarchy copied and some missed and no errors reported!! Anyone else seen this?

OSX on both macs is Why is the player in iTunes so awkward to use?

How to move your content to a new Mac

Navigating within the song in particular. Also the buttons are hard to grab. They have had quite a while to work this out, and I keep hoping with every update it will be easier to use. In the Finder menu bar. Thanks so much for this article. I appreciate your help. I disagree with your approach. With most machines coming with 2 TB of disk space, what is 1 GB of useless files going to do.

I was tired asking for people on how to setup a new Mac. Here is where I got all my questions answered. The best facilitator I ever met. Thanks for the tips, helpful. So when copying the keychain folder one has to rename the files there. After copy everything on your external drive how do you get it back on the new mac?

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