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If you change these defaults to something else or add additional usernames and passwords , then you need to be sure to write down the new username and password and keep them in a safe place so you will have them for later camera access. Incedentally, if you should forget the new username and password or for some other reason want to return the camera to factory default values, there is a recessed reset button on the bottom of the camera that can be pressed with an extended ball point pen or paper clip.

You should always leave the camera set up with a static internal network IP address. That way, you always know what its address is. Other devices on your home network that are typically set up to request dynamic internal IP addresses can and do change addresses from time to time when your home router happens to assign them a different address when they reconnect to your home network. Write down the static IP address of the camera so you can know what it is later.

This is especially critical if you end up with more than one camera attached to your home network. Enter the administrator name admin and the password of to make the control page display.

Remote Presence

Once in the control page, you can set many different parameters, including connecting the camera to your home WiFi. In my case, I also set up my cameras to automatically email me a series of images if motion is detected. Automatic emails of images on motion detection can be useful or even fun catching people walking through the frame or even occasional insects flying in front of the camera lens, but it can also be triggered by changing sunlight conditions or wind blowing trees around depending on what the camera is aimed at.

This email feature can easily be toggled on and off from an app such as the excellent Tinycam Monitor Pro for Android available in free and paid versions in the Google Play Store on Android.

Setting up the email to work properly can be tricky as the settings that you must use for the outgoing email server are determined by the specific email service you are using. You must have two email addresses — the one you are sending the email from, and the email address you are sending it to. The other critical part that MUST be present for remote monitoring to function is port numbers and open ports on your router. There are tens of thousands of port numbers that you can use. In my case, I am using port number in one camera and in the second camera.

So for example, the camera I have set up on my internal network at The second camera is set with a static internal IP address of So, if I am outside of my home network and I type http: This process will vary from one router to another. Generally, the idea is this: If you run into problems, chances are good that they revolve around port forwarding not working in your router. I have had one DSL router that port forwarding does NOT work on, even though it seems to allow it by saving my port forwards in its configuration screen.

Go to a site such as http: Once you have gotten your camera working, be sure to write down the various things that you did and parameters that you set, just in case you ever have to set it up again with a different DSL or cable router, or if you wish to add additional cameras. I have plans to add at least one more camera to my setup at home in the near future.

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This third camera will likely be a Loftek Nexus WiFi outdoor camera, which will enable me to utilize the built-in infrared capability of the camera to illuminate and display a clear image of a completely dark outdoor scene. The second camera I currently have aimed out of a window into my yard will not display infrared illuminated images at night because it is aimed through glass.

Nothing shows up but glare.

Loftek Security Cam - CCTV Naja-8H

The camera is also motorized and has a motion rage of 90 degrees vertical and degrees from side to side. If everything is functioning properly, you can simply open the app to the live view and your camera or cameras if you have set up more than one will automatically display. When a particular camera is brought up in full screen mode, you can turn on the audio to monitor the sound as well as the video from the camera.

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This fact is actually stated by the manufacturer and seems to be true. It will continuously record video from the camera and analyze it for motion and face detection. It even has a second part of the program that enables the user to quickly scrub through the recorded video to find the action parts, and even has the ability to export just the period of the video you have marked. The program is free in the Mac App Store.

How is Loftek CXS 2200 IP camera?

But it is an old fight, if you have to open your source if it uses a gpl'd library, or is a kerneldriver not running in userspace, etc But it doesn't excuse them if they buy the camera as "black box" their product is based - allthough only in part - on a part that relies on gpl source ArminTamzarian February 18, , Sorry for the delay, but here are the pictures and what little information can be gleaned at this time.

The entire album of picures can be viewed at the following location: Click on the pictures for a full-sized image. The virginal unmolested Rover: The internal components after facing the wrath of the screwdriver and wire cutters: A closer image of the main board: All of the connectors are secured in the sockets with a bit of maleable yet secure glue. Be careful when removing the connectors so that you do not break any wires. I used a pair of pliers with a healthy dose of patience and finesse.

Also, I didn't look too closely but I did not notice any power regulation circuity, so be careful what you feed this device.

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There is a decent amount of space in the shell behind the battery compartment. Probably enough to hold a properly size Li-Po battery cell and charging circuitry. A view of the flash ship underneath the wireless module: A closer view of the top set of interface pads: A closer view of the middle and bottom set of interface pads: Datasheet The top set of interface pads are labelled: I should be able to use this port to access the serial console on the device, but since my TTL capable hardware is on the way I will have to wait until its arrival to confirm.

The middle set of interface pads are labelled: The bottom set of interface pads are labelled: A view of the wireless interface module: So this is all the information I have thus far.

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What do you think? Want any more information that I have access to at this time? I will be sure to post any more information I can discover as it becomes available.

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The next step would be dumping the fw and webui to look for modifications ArminTamzarian February 22, , Will do so as soon as my hardware gets here from China. While I wait for that to get here I've been busying myself by working on some utilities to manage WebUI files based on some information found here on the site.

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Hopefully this will help make things go quickly once I can get a proper firmware dump from the device. ArminTamzarian March 01, , Well, I got my stuff and was able to connect to the device. Here is the boot log. Note that after the boot process finishes there is a pause and then it reboots. Nevermind regarding my problem regarding transmitting characters.

Turns out I was using the wrong transmit pin on my device Okay, I was able to get the firmware files from the partitions and have attached them to this post. Also I went ahead and wrote a conversion utility to convert the dump information to the binary format.