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There are a lot of nice big displays out there in the inch range, but given my background with multi-monitor systems, I decided to take a different approach and go for a inch widescreen display that features a This gives me a wider display than normal, allowing me to adopt a dual-monitor workflow on a system with a single screen. Not only is this a really nice panel, but it also comes with software that allows me to virtually split the screen to make better use of it. The display also features Dual Link, allowing me to connect two devices to it, for example, the Mac mini and my MacBook Pro.

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The display is attached to an Ergotron LX wall mount for convenience. The only drawback is that in order to pump all those pixels I have to dedicate the Thunderbolt port as a DisplayPort port, which means it can't be used as a Thunderbolt port. This isn't a bother for me since I mostly use USB 3. I'm a big fan of Apple's Bluetooth keyboard, so that takes care of the typing side of things, but when it comes to a pointing device rather than go for a regular mouse I instead went for an Apple Magic Trackpad.

And guess what? It's great! It's especially great for me because I can take all those gestures I learned using the MacBook Pro and apply them to the Mac mini. There's also nothing stopping me from connecting a mouse to the Mac mini also, and I've also got a Wacom Intuos Pro tablet for times when I need high precision. Being a pro-am photographer I have bags of storage, ranging from USB 3. Both are robust, secure and powerful, and come in a range of storage options to suit most needs.

Don't discount the Mac mini when you look at the Mac lineup. It might be small in size, but there's a lot of power packed into that aluminum housing. If you opt for the high-end version, and back that up with high-end peripherals, you can turn what some consider to be a toy into a beast of a desktop computer capable of handling high-end applications such as Photoshop, Lightroom and so on.

I've also got a lot of screen real estate to play with, and the Supermicro making a push into high-end gaming motherboards. Here how to diagnose the problem and get more battery life. Apple upgrades older iPhones to bypass sales ban in Germany. Samsung Galaxy Fold: I want a foldable phone, but no clue what to do with it.

How's your Mac Mini and 4K display getting along? Is everything buttery smooth or has there been lag even in basic tasks in the UI? I assume many if not most of you are using a scaled-down res maybe p to get best of the both worlds in crisp text without things being too small which can cause some lag as scaling takes a toll from the system.

Mac Mini with Dual Monitors | MacRumors Forums

I would like to hear user experience from especially those who have either the i3 or the i5 model with 8Gb of RAM as many if not most of us aren't maxing out the specs and are using a 4K display as those 5K displays and above aren't as popular. If you bring up Launchpad it'll run like shit at a scaled down res. I have a 4k 27 inch monitor that I'm running at native 1x res. At this resolution it's a fine experience, everything runs as you'd expect.

But naturally everything is quite small on screen. But ideally I'd rather run at a slightly scalled down res, but there's a definite graphical performance hit if you do. I have a 4K 27in monitor i run at 'looks like p' settings. Are you saying a Mac Mini will lag with those settings? As is the full 4K resolution. But when you use a scale between them it suffers a lot.

For example: Thanks a lot for the clarification.

How to Run More Than 3 Monitors on the 2018 Mac Mini

Looks like i'll jump for an i7 Mac Mini. But everything else I use it for is just fine. The i7 is overkill but i want it to last years at least. The issue you're having is not a Logic issue! It has to do with your monitor resolution and it's a mohave OS serious bug! The problem exists only in the intermediate resolutions because the OS by default tries to connect to a retina non existent screen!

How to set up multiple monitors with your Mac

Then go ahead and instead of the high res mode picked by the OS pick the same low res mode underneath! I just got a mac mini and use an LG 4k monitor. I can only use x or the full 4k resolution. Anything else will result in a shit ton of UI lag. Meanwhile my windows laptop with UHD can power the monitor with 0 ui lag on any scaling i want. What a joke.

I also tried upgrading the ram to 16gb and the lag was still there. I ended up just returning it. Connecting a second or third display to a Mac is something you can do with very little tech-savviness, and only a little time to actually set it up save for the time it takes you to actually pick out a monitor.

It's important to note, some Mac's are limited to powering only one external monitor the MacBook Air, for example , while others can support two or more.

mac mini - triple display setup

The easiest way to find out how many monitors your can connect to your Mac is to visit the Apple Specifications page for your respective Mac. Visit this page , find and select your Mac, then look under Graphics and Video support for number of external monitors supported. When you shop for a monitor, pay attention to the type of connector that comes bundled with the monitor.


As Geoffrey Morrison explained here , if it's at all possible, avoid VGA as it doesn't offer pixel-perfect image quality. Since Apple abandoned both connection types long ago, you'll need to purchase the corresponding Mini DisplayPort adapter i. The adapter converts the signal coming from the monitor, making it compatible with your Mac.

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Don't sweat if you own a newer Mac with a Thunderbolt port -- it doubles as a Mini DisplayPort as well. The adapter isn't terribly expensive if you get it from online stores like Amazon or Monoprice. For those who prefer to get accessories direct from the source, you can also find them in the Apple Store. Some users report that the official adapters are more reliable, but I've had success with the third-party variety. Once you've acquired all the necessary parts, set up your monitor, power it on and plug it into your Mac's Thunderbolt or Mini DisplayPort.

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At this point, make sure you're logged into your computer and have both screens powered up. After connecting everything, your Mac will begin mirroring its display to the new monitor automatically. In the configuration window, you'll see both displays stacked to indicate mirroring mode. To disable mirroring, uncheck the box just below the display preview window located next to the "Mirror Displays" text. Both screens will go black for a brief moment.