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I can also design simple quilts using MacStitch! A colored square is a colored square, after all. I pick representative floss colors, draw a colored square for each inch, half inch, or quarter inch, as desired and the use the program to replicate several blocks, and rotate them to see the overall effect.

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Keep more design software and system updated with download latest pc software. Ursa replies: Just a note to say thanks for the mention. We've added lots of stuff since this review was published too, so if anyone has questions, theres a 'contact us' on the website, and we're happy to chat. Nice blog! Crack Download Software. It does the trick, but I need something better - this post has really helped me along the way to purchasing the correct software for my requirements! Thanks a lot. Hi, My vote goes to Patternmaker for cross stitch from Hobbyware, by far the best for transforming paintings in petitpoint designs.

I tried Stitchcraft Australia, not bad but very expernsive , Cross stitch professional UK and others. I am interested in a good patternmaker for Mac but I couldn't find a good one yet! Really great news!!! Good tips. I will be sharing this with all of my friends!

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A good drawing tool would be Creately. Creately is a comprehensive visio alternative for mac solution for mac. There are many diagram types including flowcharts, org charts, mind maps, etc.. There are s of examples and templates in the diagram community of Creately. Post a Comment. June 26, Cross stitch - a review of Mac based design software,. I've been thinking a lot lately about counted cross stitch. This is the medium I cut my design teeth in, and over the last week or so I've had contact with my old work mates , which led to a bit of nostalgia.

Nowadays, I don't have any computer software to design cross stitch on, although it can be done quite easily just with graph paper and some coloured pencils, that's how my first few designs back in were completed. But it's slow doing it that way, the design software we had was a revelation and sped the whole process up and opened up creativity, here's one of mine, and another , and another , there are many more I would not even admit too! Back then, I worked on a PC, and there were 2 main design packages used within the industry.

Cross Stitch Software for Mac

Stitchcraft , which is what we used and Ilsoft which, it seemed at the time, the rest of the world was using, although I don't know why because I personally found Stitchcraft to be the much better system. It just seemed to make more sense as a design program. But these are both PC based. I now work on a Mac. It seems there is a bit of a shortage of design software for counted cross stitch which is Mac compatible. Now, I know you can use Photoshop to simulate cross stitch, basically scanning an image and altering the resolution so each pixel is one stitch and adding a grid, but I want to design from scratch rather than digitalise an existing design.

Modern Cross Stitch

Finally I did find some Mac based software and spent a day fiddling around with demo versions, so here are my reviews of three Nice layout, reminiscent of Photoshop as it has navigation boxes on the left, layers, magic wand tool etc. You need to watch the videos on the website to understand what the toolboxes at the top of the screen do. Does all the basics, symbolised chart, gives a rough guide to how much thread would be needed.

It did seem to work best when scanning in a photo and turning it into a cross stitch design. The image can then be easily edited colours, size of chart, aida count etc although I could not find how to add backstitch, and it did not seem to cater for half stitches, french knots or any additional embellishment. If you want something added to it, code it and add it yourself. This could be a little annoying, but if you got a coder friend, you might be onto a winner here.

MacStitch Counted Cross Stitch Software

I would much prefer to buy a more complete version to download. A fairly new pattern maker, Thread-Bare has a wealth of dithering and effects options, making it s very powerful tool, all-be-it slightly hard to use at first. All online pattern makers have one big problem: Select your image, and it does it all for you. However, that said, I would suggest using the advanced version also free , which gives a few more options. A simple image upload and export pattern creator, pixel-stitch is actually a great tool, with very good color picking and no size limits. A nice editior, with quite a few options, however weirdly has a size selection only in inches.

Due to the low cost of the per pattern fee, it ranks better than other more advanced online pattern makers. The only bad sides are a lack of color on their patterns and there are fixed sizes. The new online photo converter from DMC lacks some of the finesse of other online converters, giving a questionable result, however the unique feature of being able to buy all the threads for the pattern and then getting the pattern for free made it rate well with our testers.

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A confusing price point makes PictureCraftWork both a steal if your pattern is less than stitches or fairly average priced for online converters. It has the added benefit of quite an advanced pattern creation tool set, but color picking is a little off. It does have a cool feature of sharing your patterns though!

MacStitch Counted Cross Stitch Software –

If you go a poll of online pattern makers, Pic2Pat comes up fairly high. There are many arguments in its favour, such as 4 thread types, ease of use, etc. However the set sizes of the output are a little annoying. A simple program, with a few options you can play with, and 4 different thread brands. It has a few options that work in its favour, however you cannot do any image editing.

However, as the newest online pattern maker, they also have a lot of room for improvement.

Creating a Pattern - Part 1 Getting Started

The team behind it have reached out, and we should be seeing improvements starting to happen soon. This is the Mac version of WinStitch, our second place PC option, and whilst they are very similar, there are a few small differences. That said, the creators are keen to make sure they are both kept up to date at the same regularity and the Mac version has been catching up with the PC versions recently. OK, I tricked you.

Stitchfiddle is actually an online program, however with a tonne of great features it easily competes with paid software. This is very similar to the old Jane Greenoff pattern making software, however its updated yearly, has a limited selection, is complicated, and is VERY expensive considering its closest and arguably a lot better alternative is a quarter of the cost.

Cross Stitch Camera works, you guessed it, with your camera.

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  8. A fantastic app, with fantastic reviews from anyone that uses it. Its easily comparable to the likes of paid PC software, however makes use of touch screen android devices to give a really good usability. They also constantly add to the apps core features, so it will continue to develop and get better over the near future. Its lacking in special stitches, more thread sets, and its a little draining on CPU. Photoshop Swatches PC. As a result, its the best, and closes alternative.

    Spriter MAC. In addition has slightly better editing tools. Is there a way to view only patterns made with. I am having a horrible time opening my older patterns. Hi Cindy, With MacStitch you can open. If you still have access to PCstitch you can open them and save them as a different file type however, which can be opened in a variety of programs.

    I was trying to enter the coupon code for Winstitch, but it says it is not valid. Do you have a new code, or if not, you will want to update your review. Hope that helps! I am the programmer of BlendThreads, and I was exceedingly surprised to learn that BlendThreads is no longer supported and that I have given parts of the code to WinStitch. I am sure I would have noticed doing so, yet I have absolutely no recollection of the event.

    BlendThreads is a hobby of mine and is under constant tinkering, with some work occurring today. Currently the ImageEditor part has been receiving most attention, with quite a few functions being added to increase its functionality. Hey Richard! Your site went down for a few weeks, we thought you were gone!