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Note, however, that it's imperfect; although, for example, compatibility with Excel functions created in Office on Windows has been boosted not all are supported, which means that despite Microsoft's efforts to appeal to the Excel power user with this update, there is still friction in mixed-platform environments. Most users will likely never do anything sufficiently advanced to run into this problem, but it's infuriating that differences exist at all today. Elsewhere there are irksome inconsistencies too; collaboration, for example, is still much weaker than with Google Docs and even iWork , and it's not applied evenly.

Office for Mac review: the productivity suite Apple users have been waiting for? | T3

In Word, each party has to save a document for changes to be propagated rather than them appearing live , while collaboration truly is live in OneNote, and in Excel, though you can share a document, only one person can work on it at once. And for sure, some apps in the suite are stronger than others; Keynote arguably builds better presentations, quicker, than PowerPoint, Word and Pages are about equal for all but mammoth word processing tasks with the latter edging it for basic DTP , and though Numbers is more capable than many people probably realise, Excel is still undoubtedly the daddy for hardcore spreadsheeting and data analysis.

The redesigned Ribbon menu groups tasks logically and in the same way as the Windows version, and though there is still a sometimes confusion proliferation of ways to achieve the same things, most would agree it's a good solution to making Office's complexity usable. Microsoft touts the new Task Pane, but honestly it's done little more than dock the floating Toolbox from earlier versions.

Overall, Office still feels a little siloed from the broader Mac world — using its own dictionaries rather than OS X's, say — an approach which is neither empirically good or bad, but whose appeal depends on whether you're invested more in the Mac or Office ecosystems.

If this is you, you'll likely save yourself many a headache if you just bite the bullet and buy Office. It's currently only available through Office ; a stand-alone version is coming in September.

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While it's great to see a modern, improvement-packed version of Office for the Mac, it's sometimes wearisome that a suite which started life on this platform still doesn't feel entirely native to it, and the long period since the last version has let competitors build compelling alternatives that fit well with emerging work patterns — and has let many consumers discover them.

Taken in the abstract, this is a superb office suite, and we welcome what's happened on and under the surface — even if some of the areas for further improvement are glaringly obvious. But on the Mac, where iWork is effectively free for many, and in a world where Google's web apps do collaborative working better, it's harder than ever to justify. Enterprise and education users big and small will be grateful for it since it will help managed systems work more smoothly in mixed-platform environments, but most regular users should try it first to see if it brings any tangible benefits — and to ensure it hasn't ditched features they rely on.

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Microsoft Office 2016 (for Mac)

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  5. Visit our corporate site. All rights reserved. Is it invisible. With few exceptions, Word for Mac is exactly that. Students, parents, and teachers may be able to get Office for free or cheap. What you may notice is that Word now supports some Mac OS-only features such as full screen mode, multi-touch gestures, and retina graphics. Microsoft has also added some Mac-only features of its own, including a Smart Lookup feature that integrates Bing searches and other contextually relevant information from the web when you use the tool on selected text.

    In short, the Task Pane provides an easy way for you to make quick formatting changes to text and other document elements without having to rely on a menu or Ribbon element.

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    Need a little more detail on that word or concept? Over the past several years Microsoft has undertaken a massive redesign of its Office products for Mac and iOS.

    These updates have streamlined the look and feel of Office apps, making them more like their Windows versions, but with what I find to be a far less cluttered look and feel. In fact, the new Mac version is as clean as Word on the iPad, which is an excellent app, and it also has some of the same limitations. This raises an important point: Word for Mac is top-notch when it comes to collaborative work.

    Microsoft Office 2016 (for Mac)

    This is obvious when it comes to basic document editing. Email a document to someone, have them make changes, and send it back to you. Word offers excellent collaboration features with tools for resolving conflicts for edits in the same part of a document. Have a power failure? Dog step on your power strip?